IDB3265 - Lead Strategic Coordinator

Business Unit: ISFD
Division: ISFD
Department: ISFD
Country: Saudi Arabia
Location: Saudi Arabia - Jeddah
Closing date: 15-Mar-2024

Job Purpose:

To Lead in the provision of advanced level technical and professional advice & support to the Director General for the effective management and delivery of the Complex wide activities. This would include coordination across the Complex in the preparation of the Integrated Work Program and the Annual Work Program and Budget, monitoring implementation of work programs, strategic initiatives and change management programs. Participate in setting Complex wide KPls, monitoring performance against the KPI’s and periodic reporting to the Director General and concerned Units. Managing external relations with other Complexes and Entities across IsDB and representing the Director General in meetings with them and leading the Complex wide communication efforts. To provide final review of the key documents going to the Bank Secretariat / Board of Executive Directors, to ensure that they are submitted with highest standards.

Key Accountabilities:

Strategic & Operational Responsibilities:

  • Advise the Director General and participate in the preparation and consolidation of Annual Work Program, the Integrated Work Program and the Annual Budget for the Complex.

  • Advise and assist the Director General in developing, monitoring and reviewing performance of the Complex and Units against the agreed KPls.

  • Coordinate plans and strategies of various Departments/Units within the Complex ensuring that they are mutually supportive and in line with lsDB plans, strategies and President's Five-Year-Programs.

  • Propose new initiatives with comprehensive implementation plans to enhance the effectiveness of the Complex.

  • Coordinate across Complexes, including the President's Complex, for actions and inputs requiring active participation of the Complex in IsDB's Corporate processes and initiatives.

  • Monitor alignment and implementation by the business units of the strategies, priorities, plans, resource allocations, programs, budgets, and KPls.

  • Manage and follow up on implementation of the executive communications and directives of the Director General and report on their progress.

  • Ensure the Annual Performance Plans of all the Directors, Managers and staff directly reporting to the Director General are prepared, agreed and performance monitored.

  • Provide technical executive briefings and advice to the Director General on policy and strategy papers, reports, and proposals to aid in decision making.

  • Actively obtain and analyze inputs and feedback of the Complex(s) staff on various matters.

  • Provide advice on improving the responsiveness to clients and efficiency of communications of the Complex(s).

  • Provide advisory support to the Director General in establishing and maintaining relationships and communications with the Governors, BED members, entities as well as external institutions and promote linkages in the relevant areas.

  • Undertake background research and contribute to preparation of supporting technical documents for the Director General’s participation in key events.

  • Promote two-way feedback mechanism between the President/Director General and the business units and staff and to clarify issues, identify concerns and to develop understanding and harmony of their respective perspectives.

  • Ensure that all documents from the Director General Office going to the Board of Executive Directors (BED) are of high quality and submitted on time.

  • Coordinate and follow up on the implementation of BED decisions and provide regular progress report to the Director General of the Complex.

  • Provide strategic and technical advice to the Director General on Bank wide matters where the Director General is part of the relevant High-Level Committees.

  • Carry out any assignments given to him/her by the Director General.



Reporting & Information Management:

  • Prepare special reports and speeches, as requested by the Director General.

  • Design and oversee an Information Intelligence System for the Director General to help monitor and take informed decisions.

  • Oversee the design and implementation of an efficient Document and Information Management System in the Front Office.

  • Review all the key outgoing documents to ensure their quality, compliance with procedures, completeness and incorporation of the comments raised in high level meetings before sign-off by the Director General.

  • Leading for Complex wide communication efforts on staff engagement activities, initiatives and accomplishments, newsletters, compile Complex Annual Report, and conducting staff surveys to gauge service level of the Complex.

Knowledge Sharing & Development:

  • Keep abreast with the new trends and developments in the field of the Complex and share new concepts with the Director General and others within the Complex and Bank.

  • Produce and submit to the Director General executive information briefs on emerging international development issues/news related to Complex mandate.

  • Undertake research and represent the Complex(s) at appropriate professional and public forums and promote Complex(s) activities and programs internally and externally, as and when required by the Director General.

  • Within delegated authority, provide overall coordination of staff and operational management of the Director General Office.


Academic and professional qualifications:

  • Bachelor's degree in Business Administration / Economics / Finance / Engineering / International Relations / or any relevant discipline.

  • Minimum 10 years of relevant experience, of which 3 years in the managerial/supervisory roles.

  • Experience of working with policymakers, national & international agencies, and/or consultants, and experience and exposure to working with major development agencies is preferred.

  • Experience and exposure of working with senior level Executives is preferred.

Skills & Necessary Knowledge:

  • Broad and in-depth knowledge of technical concepts and practices relevant to the development sector.

  • Knowledge of the Complex specific operations and policies.

  • Quality management

  • Passion for excellence

  • Problem solving skills

  • Strategic planning skills

  • Analytical and critical thinking skills

  • Resources management skills

  • Strong networking and negotiation skills

  • Advanced Coordination Skills

  • MS Office Skills


  • English - Mandatory

  • Arabic - Preferred

  • French - Preferred