IDB3211 - Senior Operations Quality and Monitoring Specialist

Business Unit: Operations - Country Programs
Division: Operations Quality & Monitoring
Department: Not Applicable
Country: Saudi Arabia
Location: Saudi Arabia - Jeddah
Closing date: 26-Feb-2024

Job Purpose:

Participate in the development, roll-out, and implementation of quality standards in all operational policies, processes, procedures, guidelines, portfolio, documents, systems, and mechanisms across all relevant stages of the project's operational life cycle for effective and efficient implementation/delivery of IsDB projects. Support the coordination of the OMC Secretariat for the effective and efficient conduct of the operations quality review forums in collaboration with the concerned business units. Contribute to strengthening the Quality Monitoring system for improved business management, efficiency, effectiveness, and performance and to identify and address the critical issues facing the business and their compliance with business processes and policies.

Undertake analytical and knowledge works for technical advice to aid in decision-making, discussions, and presentations at various forums. Formulate, devise the implementation, and update of the integrated quality assurance framework throughout the project life cycle with a focus on embedding strategic priorities and enhancing quality.

Key Accountabilities:

Policies & Procedures and Operational Frameworks

  • Contribute significantly to the development and effective implementation of the policy framework, and guidelines and ensure standardization of project operational procedures across Regional Hubs with appropriate guidance to Staff of Regional Hubs.
  • Develop quality standards, operational guidelines, tools, templates, and Manuals relevant to all stages of the operational project life cycle to facilitate enhancing quality in addition to timely, efficient, and effective development of projects in MCs and reduce the project implementation delays.
  • Carry out a periodic review and update project operations policies & guidelines, and operating procedures manuals relating to all stages of the project life cycle such as identification, preparation, appraisal, implementation, and supervision.
  • Ensure coordination of cross-functional dialogue for enhancements, standardization, and harmonization of project-related operational policies & guidelines, procedures, and documentation within IsDB in line with the international and industry best practices of the MDBs.
  • Develop and in consultation with the concerned stakeholders, further enhance the Integrated Quality Assurance Framework (IQAF) and ensure its implementation.
  • Develop and monitor the implementation of the quality assurance tools, templates, and mechanisms for improving quality standards across the project cycle and ensure compliance by the relevant business users.

Analytical Support, Innovation and Reporting

  • Gather, investigate, research, and analyze frameworks, processes, and operational data across the project cycle to develop regular monitoring reports to aid in discussions and decision-making.
  • Analyze the problems and issues in projects, portfolio, OMS data, policies, manuals, guidelines, business processes and any other aspects related to operations cycle and business of the Bank and coordinate with the relevant stakeholders to identify innovative solutions to enhance operational quality, efficiency, and effectiveness.
  • Coordinate and significantly contribute to the preparation of presentations for regular update/ performance of effective implementation of IQAF to the Management and the business users.

Advice and Guide on the Operations Monitoring Matters

  • Design and develop suitable mechanisms and procedures for effective monitoring of the implementation of guidelines, tools, and operational policies and to report on the quality standards of IsDB’s operational interventions in the Member Countries.
  • Monitor and ensure operations data quality in the OMS system based on the agreed quality standards and the data governance framework.
  • Prepare consolidated report(s) on agreed frequency, on monitoring of the progress of operations level KPIs, and the portfolio health using operations data from the OMS system.
  • Coordinate in clarifying issues, mentor and guide the staff in the Operations Complex, and Regional Hubs on specific progress monitoring requirements during all stages of the project life cycle.
  • Monitor the implementation of the recommendations and MAPs of the IEvD and IAD related to quality assurance and monitoring and update the relevant guidelines, processes, procedures, and framework to ensure putting in place the best practices, using these findings, to improve operational quality and effectiveness.
  • Design, develop and deliver relevant training modules on guidelines & procedures, tools kits for enhancing the effectiveness of the operational quality review process, and quality monitoring standards in collaboration with the relevant business units of the Operations Complex.

Knowledge Sharing and Benchmarking

  • Coordinate sharing of the relevant knowledge within the operations Complex, and other business units by mentoring and building internal capacity on quality management of operational strategies, policies, guidelines, and procedures.
  • Keep abreast with the latest developments on industry best practices on quality assurance and monitoring frameworks and undertake benchmarking exercises with other MDBs.
  • Prepare and deliver Operations Quality and Monitoring related knowledge sharing and capacity building webinars and workshops to the Operations Complex departments, especially to the Regional Hub staff of the Country Programs Directorate.

Academic and Professional Qualifications:

  • Bachelors degree in Engineering, Economics, Business Administration, Social Sciences, International Development, or other related discipline.
  • Minimum 8 years of relevant experience, with focus on project planning and management, policy management, operational financing, compliance, and quality assurance.

Skills & Necessary Knowledge:

  • Ability to perform effectively as a team leader and/or team member exercising supervision, coordination, and strategic planning responsibilities over multidisciplinary working teams.
  • Advanced knowledge of project management and project cycle.
  • Advanced understanding of operational policies, guidelines, and procedures.
  • Ability to work with different stakeholders.
  • Ability to articulate and influence others.
  • Proficient report writing skills.
  • Advanced planning & organizing skills.
  • Advanced presentation skills.
  • Advanced knowledge of operational policy compliance and quality assurance related matters (project and portfolio).
  • Ability to develop and implement frameworks and approaches.


  • English - Mandatory
  • Arabic - Preferred
  • French - Preferred