IDB3145 - Associate Manager-Financial Engineering

Business Unit: Finance & CFO
Division: FPPA
Department: Financial Policies, Planning & Analytics
Country: Saudi Arabia
Location: Saudi Arabia - Jeddah
Closing date: 26-Sep-2023

Job Purpose:

Lead development and structuring of innovative financial products for the Bank’s financing, funding, and hedging activities. Review
the structure of IDB funding instruments and develop structures to meet the need of proper asset-liability and liquidity
management while remaining compliant with shariah principles. Support the needs of other units in the bank for new financing
product and structures. Support other functions of the Bank in structuring trust funds and other off-balance sheet funds in terms
of resource mobilization mechanisms.

Key Accountabilities:


• Lead the development and structuring of innovative financial products and solutions for the Bank in line with its financial strategies of the Bank to support its financial sustainability.

Financial Engineering
• Lead the development of new financial products for the Bank's financing, funding, and hedging activities.
• Lead the review and assess the Bank's needs for product development or new variants of existing asset-liability management products to serve its business needs.
• Lead the review the structures of IDB funding instruments such as the array of Sukuk structures employed by the Bank and develop structures where required to meet the need of proper asset-liability management and liquidity management whilst maintain compliance with shariah principles.
• Lead development of new mechanisms, where required, for the pricing structure of the Bank's financing products that meets the needs of financial management and shariah compliance issues.
• Support concerned functions in the development of new financing products and structures.
• Support other functions of the Bank in structuring trust funds and other offbalance sheet funds in terms of resource mobilization mechanisms.
• Share knowledge and ideas with other units in the Bank responsible for development of the Islamic Finance Industry where there is mutual benefit served.

People Management
• Provide motivational and inspirational leadership to the team members and communicates clear performance expectations.
• Coach, mentor, develop and provide regular feedback to the team members on results at a function level, promptly addressing areas of improvement.
• Support filling in key capability gaps of the team through capacity development and recruiting efforts.
• Act as a role model to communicate to the unit’s staff IDB's values and leadership competencies and provides direction and support in times of change.

Operational excellence
• Monitor the effective implementation and adherence to respective financial management policies, procedures, and controls so that all relevant procedural/ legislative requirements are fulfilled.
• Keep abreast of the latest developments, regulations and leading practices in the field and proposes any necessary actions.
• Provide necessary input for the preparation of the budget of the FPPA department and for the monitoring of actual expenditure against the approved budget.

Education, Certification & Experience::


• Master’s degree in Finance, Financial Management, Investment, Banking, Economics, or related field.
• Minimum 8 years of experience in risk, financial management, structuring product development or related field and Shariah background on financial and economic transactions.
• Minimum 3 years of managerial experience.

​Skills & Necessary Knowledge:


• Ability to adapt to changing business circumstances to maintain effective performance of complex.
• Ability to draw actionable steps from IDB overall strategy.
• High degree of confidentiality and protection of sensitive information.
• Ability to maintain a rational and objective demeanor when faced with stressful or emotional situations
• Ability to carry out performance evaluations at sub-complex and direct report level.
• Plans and prioritizes work tasks appropriately.
• Influence others using rational arguments. Identify basis for compromise and reaches agreement.
• Ability to identify risks and implement necessary mitigation measures.
• Consistently works to a high standard and looks for ways to improve current working practices and processes for the benefit of customers and the company.




• English: Mandatory
• Arabic: Preferred
• French: Preferred