IDB2966 - Manager, Flagship Programs (Trade Development)

Business Unit: ITFC
Division: Not Applicable
Department: Not Applicable
Country: Saudi Arabia
Location: Saudi Arabia - Jeddah
Closing date: 23-Mar-2023


This role is responsible for implementing the organization’s strategies to emerge as a recognized catalyst, network builder and facilitator of international trade across the OIC member countries assigned. This role will a key role in developing and implementing Flagship Programs geared to promote trade and Investment and enhance export competitiveness across the member countries. 


  • Supporting the Senior Manager, Flagship Programs with the enhancement of cooperation with public and private sector stakeholders, International and regional Financial and Developmental Institutions in a targeted and sustainable manner through the development and implementation of Flagship Programs.
  • Building in-depth understanding of the trade environment and strategic enablers as well as bottlenecks for effective trade within the OIC member countries assigned. Remaining up-to-date on the economic and socio-political developments impacting trade in these countries and in the world, as well as the strategic commodities and sectors which are critical from a trading perspective.
  • Providing –in agreement with the Head of Trade Development - advisory services to assigned OIC member countries and relevant stakeholders on programs to support their economic development efforts.
  • Promoting trade amongst OIC member countries through intra-trade cooperation by facilitating trading opportunities, enhancing export capacities as well as promoting export opportunities in the member countries.
  • Liaising with potential technical and funding partners that can support the design and implementation of the Trade related Flagship Programs;
  • Preparing progress reports in the bilateral and multilateral program and initiatives, as well as required unit’s activities reports;
  • Conducting a thorough Need Analysis in order to identify the key enablers required to foster trade in the concerned OIC member countries, from an infrastructure, trade relations or product development perspective.
  • Developing, Implementing and managing bilateral and multilateral programs and initiatives, which have multi-beneficiaries, in line with the OIC member countries’ national economic needs and priorities.
  • Coordinating with the Manager, Integrated Trade Solutions, to explore developing and implementing Integrated Solutions component within the Flagship Programs.
  • Managing the implementation for the initiatives being undertaken against the milestones established, addressing areas of concern, and initiating corrective action, where required, to drive successful completion.
  • Maintaining perfect and sustainable relationships with Flagship Programs partners and donors.
  • Conducting and coordinating funding and sponsorship campaigns to enhance the Programs resources.
  • Fostering the knowledge transfer between OIC member countries through intra-trade cooperation with the purpose to establish reverse linkages component in the flagship programs.
  • Offering support in the seminars and programs that promote economic integration of OIC member countries, developing training program content.
  • Supporting trade-related technical assistance (TRTA) programs to help OIC member countries to improve human and institutional capacity.
  • Providing Trade Finance with all necessary information and training necessary to identify opportunities for trade cooperation and to promote trade programs.

Qualifications & Other Certifications:

  • Bachelors Degree in international trade, International Business, economics, or development. 
  • Masters Degree is preferable

Years of Experience:

Minimum 4 years of experience

Language Skills:

  • English, Arabic and French are compulsory