IDB2922 - Senior Associate, Corporate Communications [Outsourced]

Business Unit: ITFC
Division: Not Applicable
Department: Not Applicable
Country: Saudi Arabia
Location: Saudi Arabia - Jeddah
Closing date: 16-May-2023


This role is responsible for supporting the Communications team on the implementation of communications plans related to flagship programs, and act as the focal point with the ITFC regional teams to implementing ITFC’s corporate communications activities and plans in order to reinforce the organization’s brand image, with special emphasis on West Africa Region; to meet the ever increasing strategy of ITFC of outreach. This will include support in designing and implementing the integrated corporate communications campaigns planned during the year along four central themes: Event Management, Media Relations, Reporting on Regional Activities and initiatives for communications campaigns, including digital marketing and website management.   


  • Support the team on projects related to French speaking countries especially West and North Africa
  • Support the team on the implementation of the communication plans related to big programs
  • Be the focal point with the regional teams – especially French speaking countries in implementing the Communications and Marketing activities in line with the regional team marketing strategy and create outreach programs with main prospects/countries covered.
  • Be the focal point on managing the Media and PR matters, specifically media outlets and channels in West Africa
  • Create a centralized calendar of events for the year and prepare detailed project management plans on the execution of the events that include organizational and communication plans for each event
  • Work on the French related communication material: press releases, social media, interviews, brochures, reports, etc
  • Support the team on the administrative matters related to – follow up, memo preparations, payment instructions, operational and budget planning, reporting etc.
  • Support the team in implementing the digital marketing strategy including digital content creation and website management
  • Building and fostering relationships with regional and local media, business and industry partners, and major stakeholders to obtain their support of ITFC.
  • Liaising with the event providers in order to obtain intimations about upcoming events. Providing input to the Senior Manager, Corporate Communications to develop an event calendar by identifying special events which ITFC can participate in or sponsor to build visibility around its mission in the region.
  • Coordinating with relevant 3rd parties, such as media agencies, creative agencies and event organizers and other vendors for marketing the media selected in order to implement marketing and communications initiatives smoothly.
  • Supporting in the development of various publications in the main language of RH (French, Russian, Bahasa, etc) , including news releases, feature articles, news stories, postings, reports, and other communications which highlight the goals, objectives, policies, programs, activities and accomplishments of ITFC, to print and broadcast media sources, social media and web based sources, the general public, and specialized target groups.

Qualifications & Other Certifications:

  • Bachelors Degree

Years of Experience & Language Skills:

  • English and French are compulsory
  • Arabic is preferable
  • Minimum 2 years of experience