IDB2763 - Senior Associate, Credit Administration

Business Unit: ITFC
Division: Not Applicable
Department: Not Applicable
Country: Saudi Arabia
Location: Saudi Arabia - Jeddah
Closing date: 13-May-2024


The role will be responsible for implementing ITFC’s credit administration policies, by processing transaction tickets, monitoring compliance and reporting unresolved issues. This will include credit limits/amendment tickets validation in the system at the level of maker, follow-up pending issues with relevant departments/functions, monitoring credit utilization and reporting. It will also play the role of a key-holder for safe custody of security documentation in the absence of the Senior Manager Credit Administration or the Manager, Credit Administration.


  • Check limit and amendment requests for all credit operations, perform the first leg of limit setting/amendments in the system before the final decision is taken by the Senior Manager, Credit Administration.

  • Review financing agreements and security documentation for approved transactions to ensure accuracy and completeness for the purpose of execution and pinpoint any discrepancies.

  • Articulate requirements for security/collateral documentation and standard operating procedures for approved transactions and provide comments/feedback.

  • Perform the first step of collateral creation and link them with relevant limits to control utilization of facilities.

  • Act as the dual custodian to safeguard and archive security documentation for facilities in a manner consistent with the standard policies and procedures in the absence of the Senior Manager Credit Administration or the Manager, Credit Administration.

  • Prepare data required for the periodic revaluation of collaterals and, if needed, highlight discrepancies.

  • Act as a dual signatory of safe custody register for securities/collaterals, holder of safe custody register in the absence of the Manager, Credit Administration, and ensure timely update.

  • Monitor facilities on regular basis to ensure subsequent utilization is in adherence with the terms of approval. Liaise with Operations to ensure adherence and escalate concern areas to the Senior Manager, Credit Administration.

  • Follow-up on pending/deficient documentation vis-à-vis credit operations/transactions with Trade Finance, Operations and other relevant functions to ensure timely resolution.

  • Raise day-to-day system issues/bugs and follow-up for their resolution.

  • Take note and report policy breaches to the Senior Manager, Credit Administration.

  • Carry out record keeping and filing as required.


  • Bachelor Degree in Trade, Banking or Financial Economics

Language Skills:

  • English is compulsory

  • Arabic or French is a plus


Years of Experience:

  • Minimum 2 years of experience