IDB2599 - Senior Associate, Relationship Management [Africa Region]

Business Unit: ITFC
Division: Not Applicable
Department: Not Applicable
Country: Saudi Arabia
Location: Saudi Arabia - Jeddah
Closing date: 10-Aug-2022


This role is responsible for implementing ITFC’s strategies for market penetration to provide Trade Solutions in the public sector of the designated region. The public sector refers to Sovereign, Quasi-Sovereign & State-Owned Entities. The role is intended to manage client relationships firsthand and oversee the end-to-end implementation of the investment process under the guidance and supervision of an experienced Senior Relationship Manager. This role is responsible for ensuring adherence with ITFC’s risk guidelines, policies and procedures.  


Relationship and Portfolio Management

Market Intelligence Gathering:

  • Develop an in depth understanding of the target countries’ economy and sectors, which serve as focus areas for ITFC’s Trade Solutions.
  • Gain insight on the economic, political, social and regulatory factors impacting the ease of facilitating international trade across the member countries assigned. 
  • Develop market intelligence to build an understanding of the key stakeholders/predominant players in the Trade Finance market and their offerings across the member countries assigned within the designated region.
  • Support the respective Senior Relationship Manager with implementing the CRM process for the region by sharing relevant information for all prospective and existing clientele and leveraging the database to guide origination efforts.

Origination (Business Development):

  • Source and assess public sector opportunities, identify bankable prospects in target regions, grow and develop new/existing business relationships. Act as focal point for the clients or supporting the Senior Relationship Manager throughout the deal cycle, from deal generation to deal closure.
  • Liaise with prospective clientele to build awareness around the nature of Islamic Trade Finance products offered by ITFC (such as Murabaha) and various mode of financing provided (Import financing, export financing, LC Confirmation, working capital solution including structured trade commodity transactions etc).

Structuring and Negotiation:

  • Build an understanding of the existing/prospective client needs, structuring the transactions and drafting of Term Sheets in line with the relevant guidelines of ITFC.
  • Conduct due diligence on prospective deals by evaluating the associated risks in a robust manner to validate the client’s financial standing and risk exposure. Negotiating and closing with prospective clientele on the proposed Term Sheet in line with the relevant guidelines at ITFC.
  • Support the Senior Relationship Manager with the preparation of Credit Memorandum and clarifying the terms and conditions for the provision of Trade Finance instruments.
  • Conduct a thorough risk evaluation to identify the potential risk factors and incorporate mitigating clauses in the Credit Memorandum.
  • Contribute to the presentation of prospective deals in the Credit Committee meetings at ITFC and working to secure approval for implementation. After approval, work towards the legal documentation and utilization/disbursement of the financing in a timely manner. Coordinating all communications between the clients and other internal and external stakeholders as applicable.
  • Monitor the status of all transactions in the portfolio to ensure timely disbursement, repayment, and renewals while ensuring there are no gaps.
  • Ensure regular communication with clients and other relevant stakeholders via periodic (weekly/monthly) calls as applicable and documenting outcomes for the records.
  • Schedule and coordinating follow up actions with clients in the designated region in case of overdues within the stipulated Days Past Due (DPD) in line with ITFC’s guidelines.
  • Support the Senior Relationship Manager in the management of country relations with regards to engagements with the Office of the Governor, with all other relevant public sector stakeholders and with country public relations.
  • Support the Senior Relationship Manager in the preparation of country engagement documents including strategy papers and Framework Agreements. 
  • Any other relevant assignment as may be required from time to time.


Integrated Trade Solutions

  • Originate leads for ITFC’s Integrated Trade Solution offerings from existing as well as new clientele in the assigned region based on sound understanding the market opportunities and clients stated and unstated needs and requirements.
  • Work with the relevant departments to cross-sell all ITFC’s products and services for financial sustainability and developmental impact. 


Managing Regional Presence

  • Provide input to devise country specific strategies for effective penetration and lead generation in the designated region for ITFC’s Trade Solutions offering.
  • Contribute to the sales planning by delivering market information of their respective segments/markets to the responsible Senior Relationship Manager.
  • Contribute to maintaining relationships with clients in the designated region and overseeing the upstream investment process in order to ensure seamless implementation.
  • Contributing to ensuring ITFC’s visibility activities are maximized with internal and external stakeholders to support the ITFC brand awareness and trade finance business.

Qualifications & Other Certifications:

  • Bachelor Degree, preferably with a specialization in Finance/Accounting/Economics/International Business/Trade

Language Skills:

  • English, Arabic, and French are compulsory

Years of Experience:

  • Minimum of 5 years experience