IDB2562 - Administrative Coordinator(Lives and Livelihoods Fund Management Unit (LLFMU))

Business Unit: President Complex
Division: Not Applicable
Department: Not Applicable
Country: Saudi Arabia
Location: Saudi Arabia - Jeddah
Closing date: 31-Oct-2021

Role Purpose:

  • To act as a Coordinator in the VP / DG / Director’s Office for coordinating various activities and streamlining the workflow.
  • To work as the Secretariat for the Complex/Department for coordinating, organizing and recording minutes of the meetings, as well as meetings of the specialized Committees.
  • To assist the VP/DG/Director in planning, implementing and monitoring the Complex / Directorate / Department annual work plan.
  • To communicate and liaise with colleagues on pending issues and taking necessary corrective actions as per policies and procedures.
  • Draft various correspondence and reports for consideration of the Management. 


Operational Planning:

  •  Provide technical and analytical assistance to the VP/DG/Director in the annual planning of Complex / Directorate/ Department work and coordinated activities.
  • Coordinate periodic meetings of the Complex/Directorate/Department including preparation and issuance of Agenda and Minutes of Meetings.
  • Prepare response to all issues and proposals referred to the Complex/Directorate/Department for consideration.
  • Assist the VP/DG/Director in drafting proposals that will be submitted to the higher authority for approval.

Coordination & Follow-Up:

  • Coordinate and follow up the organization of meetings/events and facilitate logistics arrangements in collaboration with the concerned Complex / Directorate / Departments.
  • Assist in reviewing payment/disbursement requests and process them.
  • Regularly follow up for the periodic reports, feedback on queries raised and resolving pending issues with the concerned Unit / Manager.

Reporting & Communication:

  •  Assist in covering the proceedings of the Department’s Periodic Meetings as well as Meetings of specialized Committees established for specific project or agendas.
  • Respond to enquiries, coordinate their resolution, and advise on relevant policies and procedures and their implementation.
  • Assist the VP/DG/Director in preparing the periodic reports.

Administrative Support:

  • Maintain accurate and up-to-date calendar of the VP/DG/Director.
  • Coordinate the arrangement of travel and logistical requirements of the VP/DG/Director for missions and events.
  • Independently handle and prepare all correspondence and internal memorandums on routine and outstanding issues.


Academic and professional qualifications:
  •  Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration or any relevant field.
Minimum number of years and nature of experience
  •  2 years of experience in the similar field, preferably in a multi-lateral development sector.
  •  Experience of working with senior level executives.

Skills & Necessary Knowledge::

  • Advanced MS Office-Word, Excel & PowerPoint Skills
  • SAP ERP knowledge as a user.
  •  Excellent drafting and report writing skills.
  • Excellent organising skills.
  •  Excellent time management skills. 
  • Multi-tasking skills 
  • Diplomacy and Tact. 
  • High level of confidentiality. 
  • Able to work under pressure.
  • High level of dedication, willing to work long hours.



  • Adaptability  
  • Teamwork  
  • Client Centricity and Stakeholder Management  
  • Motivation to Learn and Share Knowledge  
  • Drive for Results

Leadership Level:

  • Change & Transition Management  
  • Solutions and Result Management  
  • Innovation and Future Orientation  
  • Leadership and People Management  
  • International and Multicultural Collaboration  
  • Communication and Partnership