IDB3331 - Regional Procurement Officer RH Rabat

Business Unit: Operations Complex
Division: Project Procurement and Financial Management
Department: Project Procurement
Country: Morocco
Location: Morocco - Rabat
Closing date: 27-May-2024

Job Purpose:

Contribute to the development of procurement policies and procedures. Preparation of Procurement Plan, coordinate and monitor project procurement related activities within the assigned Regional Hubs. Ensure effective compliance to procurement guidelines for successful preparation and implementation of approved projects across the countries assigned to the Regional Hubs. Support the development of innovative products and tools used by the project procurement function. Provide Technical advice to the operations and procurement staff in the preparation of project procurement strategies and plans. Contribute in capacity building program for internal staff and external clients.

Key Accountabilities:

Policies, Procedures & Processes:

  • Accountable for policies, procedures and processes (implements and interprets policies and procedures contained in the procurement Guidelines).

  • Provide Technical advice to the project officers in the preparation of project procurement strategies and Plans.

  • Contribute to the development of procurement policies and procedures based on the Member Countries’ needs, IsDB Group priorities and the latest trends observed in the public procurement and among similar MDBs.

Project Procurement Management:

  • Participate in the planning process in managing priorities and effective utilization of resources to ensure quality of the project procurement function outputs and services.

  • Provide facilitation and implementation support by contributing in internal due diligence and finalization of project procurement strategy and plan.

  • Finalize procurement arrangements for all new projects to ensure quality at entry and project readiness.

  • Lead, contribute, coordinate and monitor procurement related activities for the assigned Regional Hubs for the elaboration of concept notes, and for the preparation, appraisals and supervision of projects.

  • Participate in the approval of award recommendations for the procurement of goods and works and for the selection of consultants, including for procurement documents, in line with the threshold limits.

  • Review and approve all procurement documents regardless of any threshold as defined in the DoA.

  • Provide specialist advice and support on procurement matters in the preparation, appraisals and implementation of complex projects.

  • Lead and participate in the capacity development of the key stakeholders in project procurement and delivery over the project life cycle.

  • Contribute in the review of specific integrity cases and the complaint handling mechanism of the Bank.

  • Provide inputs in the elaboration of training programs for staff of the Country Program Complex, Executing Agencies and PMUs.

  • Coordinate the work with all Field Procurement Officers (FPO) within the Region and provide support and guidance on post-reviews and preparation/supervision of missions.

Client Service:

  • Contribute in the resolution of procurement issues from various stakeholders including those related to complaints handling as per the guidelines, in-order to deliver the bank’s required levels of service in all interactions with stakeholders.

  • Monitors the procurement portfolio in the respective countries in the region, gathers lessons learned from Bank’s engagements with the recipients and conducts dialogues with Beneficiaries planning, coordinating and monitoring project procurement related activities within the regional hubs.

  • Prepare and deliver specialized workshops on project procurement policies and procedures of IsDB, both internally and externally.

Reporting and monitoring:

  • Contribute in the coordination and elaboration of the Country Procurement Assessment Reports (CPAR), Country Portfolio Performance Review (CPPR), Sector Portfolio Performance Review (SPPR) & Project Procurement Audit Reports.

  • Prepare periodic briefs on procurement related issues for the Operations Complex in-order to ensure concerned parties are briefed regularly on project activities.

  • Develops a report of the annual post-review exercise and monitor the cases. if Report indicates non-compliance (e.g. including the suspected mis procurement/non-compliance).

Academic and Professional Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Engineering, Law, Business Administration or related field.

  • Certification in Public procurement would be preferred.

  • Minimum 8 years of experience in public/project procurement in a multi-lateral sector.

Skills & Necessary Knowledge:

  • Knowledge of MDBs Public Procurement.

  • Country Procurement Knowledge

  • Country Portfolio Assessment

  • Project Risk Assessment

  • Procurement Policies and Procedures

  • Project Management skills

  • Stakeholder’s management.


  • English - Mandatory

  • French - Mandatory

  • Arabic - Preferred