IDB2862 - Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist

Business Unit: Administration Complex
Division: Talent Acquisition
Department: Not Applicable
Country: Saudi Arabia
Location: Saudi Arabia - Jeddah
Closing date: 29-Sep-2022

Role Purpose:

The Talent Acquisition Specialist is focusing on the attraction and acquisition of Managerial and Leadership roles in
IsDB, this includes the attraction and acquisition of Director General, Director, Manager and Associate Manager
roles as per the approved recruitment plans, in line with the established procedures, in order to satisfy IsDB's Managerial and Leadership needs.

The Talent Acquisition Senior Specialist is mandated to (i) Execute the entire cycle of the Recruitment Process
(Requisition-to-Joining) by proactively searching and sourcing most suitable candidates, managing Headhunting
and Executive Search activities, arranging Leadership Assessments and Selection Interviews and issuing job offers,
and carrying out the entire (ii) Pre-Joining On-Boarding and Post-Joining On-Boarding activities, with an aim to hire
the best fit Managerial and Leadership talents to meet the business requirements of IsDB. (iii) In addition to that, the
Talent Acquisition Senior Specialist is mandated to prepare Talent Market Research insights, Outreach and
Benchmarking activities and periodic Recruitment Analytics and Metrics.

Key Functional Accountabilities and Activities:

Talent Acquisition Operations :
Effectively participate in the development of the Talent Acquisition strategy and
associated programs (including the evaluation and selection of Headhunting and
Executive Search firms (Contingency vs. Retained), Leadership Assessments
methodologies and services providers, candidates sourcing channels, employer branding
activities and communication) in line with 􀀫􀁕􀀦􀀤􀅨􀁕 and the HR􀅨􀁕􀀃short, medium, and longterm
objectives to attract, motivate and retain the best talent.
􀁸 Responsible for regular review and assessment of the services provided by the thirdparty
contracts (Headhunting and Executive Search firms, Leadership Assessments etc.),
benchmark with similar services available in the job market, and submit evaluation
reports and recommendations.
􀁸 Prepare Talent Market Research insights and perform Outreach and Benchmarking
􀁸 Responsible for the execution of Recruitment Analytics and Metrics
􀁸 Conduct Digitization, Quality Assurance and Information Reliability and Governance
􀁸 Enhance the utilization of the recruitment channels (website, search and recruitment
firms, social networks, etc.)
􀁸 Execute all recruitment activities related to the attraction and acquisition of Managerial
and Leadership roles in IsDB (Director General, Director, Manager and Associate
Manager) as per the approved recruitment plans, to ensure attraction of the best fit
talents that can enable IsDB achieve its strategic objectives.

Perform the selection and deployment of modern personnel selection and recruitment
tools (e.g. psychometric tests, behavioral fitness, business cases, technical and
competencies-based interviews etc.)
􀁸 Manage the pre-􀁕􀁇􀁎􀁇􀁅􀁖􀁋􀁑􀁐􀀃􀁒􀁔􀁑􀁅􀁇􀁕􀁕􀁇􀁕􀀃􀁎􀁋􀁍􀁇􀀃􀁕􀁅􀁔􀁇􀁇􀁐􀁋􀁐􀁉􀀃􀁑􀁈􀀃􀀥􀀸􀅨􀁕􀀃􀁃􀁐􀁆􀀃􀁃􀁔􀁔􀁃􀁐􀁉􀁋􀁐􀁉􀀃􀁋􀁐􀁖􀁇􀁔􀁘􀁋􀁇􀁙􀀃􀁅􀁃􀁎􀁎􀁕􀀃
with coordination with business units.
􀁸 Consolidate leadership assessment reports and technical interview results from the
different interview rounds and present the final selection outcomes.
􀁸 Prepare offers, discuss and negotiate with the selected candidates, follow up with the
candidates for necessary confirmation of the offer made as well as to agree on the
joining date.
􀁸 Carrying out the 4 types of the On-Boarding processes of the new joiners (International
Joiners to HQ, International Joiners to Regional Hubs, National Joiners to HQ and
Internal Joiners) and ensure smooth execution of the different Pre-Joining On-Boarding
and Post-Joining On-Boarding activities including Onboarding guidelines and general
requirements, reference checks, government relations requirements, work visa issuance
and endorsement process, medical checkups and employment fitness, travel and
logistics, and provide needed guidance for the candidates in every onboarding step.
􀁸 Manage the internal communications and relationships between internal business units
involved in the 􀁐􀁇􀁙􀀃 􀁊􀁋􀁔􀁇􀁕􀅨􀀃 joining process (government relations, Medical unit, Admin
services, IMDT and travel unit) for all pre and post joining requirements.
􀁸 Identify and recommend external service providers, like recruitment firms, assessment
consultants and background checkers etc.

Work with the IMDT to identify and recommend Talent Acquisition software / portals to
improve efficiency and transparency in the sourcing and recruitment process.

Policies and Procedures
􀁸 Conduct policies and procedures reviews as per management instructions under the
supervision of the Lead Talent Acquisition.
􀁸 Continuously conduct improvement by identifying more efficient/creative ways and
means to achieve the sourcing strategies and objectives in line with the best practices.
􀁸 Develop and review recruitment SLAs
􀁸 Develop Headhunting and Leadership Assessment guidelines and procedures

Knowledge Sharing :
􀁸 Transferring tacit (undocumented) and explicit (documented) knowledge and
information to Talent Acquisition Specialists/Officers by providing continues coaching
and on-job training for Talent Acquisition Specialists/Officers, leading by example and
participating in building learning culture.
􀁸 Keep abreast with the best practices in the areas of Talent Acquisition and recommend
improvements / adoption in IsDB.
􀁸 Educate relevant staff in the business units and within HRMD on the matters pertaining
to Talent Acquisition, trends and IsDB policies.

Reporting and Communication
􀁸 Provide recruitment internal insights (recruitment analytics, metrics and indices) and
external insights (market research and benchmarking reports)
􀁸 Provide timely and accurate reports pertaining to Talent Acquisition status and
recruitment SLAs (regularly/ad-hoc) to provide the Lead Talent Acquisition and the
concerned business units of the latest updates regarding the active recruitment portfolio.
􀁸 Manage internal and external communications (including IsDB Group various entities) to
ensure effective coordination and cooperation related to the Talent Acquisition area.
􀁸 Prepare periodical reports highlighting the latest status of recruitment progress and
future plans and share with the relevant HRBP.

Qualifications/ Professional Experience:

Bachelor's degree in Human Resources, Organizational Behavior,
Business Administration or any related field
􀁸 Certifications from HRCI / SHRM / CIPD are advantageous.
􀁸 Master's degree in Human Resources, Organizational Behavior,
Business Administration or any related field a plus.
􀁸 Minimum 8 years of relevant experience in Talent Acquisition,
Sourcing and Recruiting preferably in a multilateral development
bank, IFI or global organization.

Language Skills:

 English 􀁸 Mandatory
􀁸 Arabic 􀁸 Preferred
􀁸 French 􀁸 Preferred