IDB2974 - Senior Islamic Finance Specialist

Business Unit: IRTI
Division: Not Applicable
Department: Knowledge Leaders
Country: Saudi Arabia
Location: Saudi Arabia - Jeddah
Closing date: 28-Mar-2023

Job Purpose:

To provide advanced level technical and professional expertise in the development of the Islamic Finance industry, products and services, and improvement in the overall industry’s enabling environment. To act as a subject matter expert in Islamic Finance, regulatory frameworks, governance and compliance issues as well as providing advisory, research and to disseminate knowledge and expertise via training and conducting sessions in conferences and seminars. To contribute to the development and structuring of the regulatory and legal framework to meet the needs of the Islamic Financial industry in the Member Countries and non-Member Countries. To conduct market analysis, including identifying gaps in the Islamic financial products and services, product development and related processes, and overall enabling environment for the industry, and offering viable solutions to fill-in those gaps. Enabling the environment via helping member countries to establish different organs, institutions that are pivotal for the development of the Islamic financial service industry.

Key Accountabilities:

Operational Planning:

  • Provide inputs in the development of annual work plans and budget allocation for the division.
  • Provide expert level inputs in the development of strategic objectives and annual business plan for the Islamic Finance Advisory & Technical Assistance Unit.
  • Monitoring and oversees various projects to ensure the execution of the Technical Assistance in proper ways and to find ways to minimize the risks for the Bank.

Product Development:

  • Undertake technical assistance studies of the beneficiary’s market to assess products and services being offered in the Islamic Financial Industry as well as the Conventional Financing Industry in order to develop strategies and processes for the new Islamic Financial products and services.
  • Assess the existing IFPs and instruments offered in the Islamic Finance Industry for their sustained performance and to suggest improvements, if required.
  • Contribute in the development of innovative Islamic financial products (IFPs), services and solutions for different stakeholders like the Member Countries, Regulatory and Supervisory Authorities, Islamic Financial.

Technical Assistance Project Management:

  •   Assess feasibility of technical assistance request and prepare project approval documentation for review and approval by IsDB management, after conducting due diligence and appraisal of the beneficiary’s market, legal and regulatory environment and proposing suitable implementation plan.
  • Manage global TA programs and country-level TA projects including consistently monitor implementation and progress of TAs and recommend corrective actions where/if necessary.
  • Provide support in supervising and managing the overall implementation of the TA, including the TA's budget and resources, procurement of goods and services and TA deliverables.
  •  Supervise the performance of consultants, contractors, and vendors engaged by the TA, ensuring consistent monitoring of their deliverables in accordance with agreed contracts/Scope of Work.
  • Monitor and evaluate the TAs progress and provide accurate and timely reports to IsDB Management, partner departments and stakeholders with respect to the Project implementation and prepare TA Completion Report upon completion of TA implementation.

Advisory Services and Analytics:

  •  Participate and represent IsDB in international working groups and task forces on emerging technical issues in Islamic Finance and contribute technical inputs for IsDB’s engagement with International Organisations, including analyzing reports, standards and technical notes, and formulating recommendations.
  • Provide advisory services, capacity building and sound technical assistance to member and non-member countries, Islamic finance infrastructure institutions and other public and private institutions.
  •  Participate in IsDB MCPS and other Country Assessment and Implementation initiatives by contributing to Technical Notes and Policy Documents on areas related to Islamic Finance.
  •  Analyze international practices and emerging literature on specific issues related to the Islamic financial sector and contribute technical analysis to reports and publications.
  • Deliver capacity building programs for beneficiaries through advisory and analytical presentations on emerging issues and other technical areas in Islamic Finance in diverse contexts (including for workshops, seminars, online, and for Islamic finance capacity building and awareness activities) based on needs of the beneficiary


  •  In coordination with the concerned departments within IsDB, contribute to policy dialogues with the Member Countries for the development of Islamic Finance and promoting intra-regional Islamic financial integration.
  •  Support in the development of Islamic banking, Islamic capital markets, Islamic insurance (takaful), Islamic microfinance, Islamic social finance and undertake activities (in co-ordination with IsDB’s Member Countries and other stakeholders) required to create an enabling environment for the development of these sectors.

Research, Innovation and Knowledge Sharing:

  •   Oversee the research works within the Islamic Finance sector and monitor industry developments.
  •  Lead the development of the knowledge products, reviews, briefs and updates related to Islamic Finance and the projects undertaken by the department, independently and in coordination with other entities of IsDB.
  •  Search for innovative Islamic Finance instruments, products, and services based on the market and stakeholders' needs, at multilateral, national, institutional or organizational level.
  • Contribute to promoting the role and efforts of the Islamic Infrastructure Institutions for overall development of Islamic Finance in the Member and Non-Member Countries.
  • Provide advice and technical services to peers and colleagues, divisions and departments and prepare speeches / presentations for the IsDB Senior Management on Islamic Finance related issues.
  • Contribute to the development and delivery of training programs on Islamic Economics, Banking and Finance to relevant people both within and outside IsDB.


Education, Certification and Experience:

    • Bachelor’s degree in a suitable field related to economics, finance, business, statistics and/or law.
    • Minimum 8 years of experience in Islamic financial sector development of which 3 years should be in a multilateral development bank and/or related international organizations (e.g. IMF, IFSB, AAOIFI, etc.)


  • English (Mandatory)
  • Arabic (Preferred)
  • French (Preferred)

Skills & Necessary Knowledge:

  • Advanced knowledge in Islamic Finance, product development and Shari’ah knowledge.
  • Advanced understanding of Islamic financial market infrastructure and prerequisites for enabling environment.
  • Proficient Knowledge of Research Methodology.
  • Effective Project management skills
  • Ability to work independently in a high-performance team atmosphere.
  • Accurate and methodical.
  • Ability to work under pressure.