IDB2931 - Senior Translator English<>Arabic

Business Unit: President Complex
Division: Language Services Division
Department: Group General Secretariat
Country: Saudi Arabia
Location: Saudi Arabia - Jeddah
Closing date: 11-Dec-2022

Job Purpose:

Providing quality, timely and efficient editing, translation, revision and proofreading of content characterized by an advanced level of complexity and technical terminology, and self-revising own translations, as well as technically guiding, assisting and reviewing the work of less experienced team members. Contributing at the Section and Division levels to activities concerning standardization, technology, knowledge, planning, and development. 

Education & Languages:

  • Bachelor’s degree in applied languages (interpretation and/or translation), linguistics or literature; or 

  • Bachelor's degree in addition to a diploma in translation/interpretation from a recognized university/institute

  • English: Mandatory  

  • Arabic: Mandatory 

  • French: Preferred 


  • Minimum 8 years of relevant experience or 6 years with a master's degree in applied languages (interpretation and/or translation), linguistics or literature 

​Skills & Necessary Knowledge:

  • Ability to adapt to changing business circumstances to maintain effective performance of the Section 

  • High degree of confidentiality and protection of sensitive information 

  • Ability to maintain a rational and objective demeanor when faced with difficult situations  

  • Ability to plan and prioritize tasks effectively 

  • Ability to guide and mentor Section members, identify basis for compromise, and reach agreement in case of disagreement 

  • Ability to identify risks and implement necessary mitigation measures 

  • Ability to maintain and promote high standards and identify means to improve current working practices and processes  

  • Excellent and comprehensive understanding of requirements, techniques, and quality enhancement in the field of language services 

  • Advanced hands-on information technology skills, particularly translation technology tools (terminology databases and translation memories) and productivity tools such as MS-Office suite 

  • Organization skills 

  • Attention to detail, accuracy and consistency 


Jeddah, KSA