IDB2821 - Results Based Management Specialist

Business Unit: President Complex
Division: Not Applicable
Department: Not Applicable
Country: Saudi Arabia
Location: Saudi Arabia - Jeddah
Closing date: 31-May-2022


To act as the focal point for the LLF adaptive Results Based Management (LLF-aRBM) initiative in the LLFMU. The RBM position will work closely with the RBM contractor, the Bank teams, project Project Management Units (PMUs,) donor counterparts, as well as with the LLF Technical Review Committee and Impact Committee (IC). The aRBM position will manage results and impact of operations management of the contract, development of results-based knowledge materials, documentation of lessons learnt as well as dissemination of results and the impact of LLF operations among others. 


Operational Planning, Implementation, and follow-up:

  • Support and facilitate stakeholder engagements, assessments, special studies, and analyses, among others, in support of learning and aRBM needs identification at the Bank and country levels. Support the service provider to identify structural and/or institutional barriers to results based adaptive management.
  • Work with the LLF-aRBM contractor, regional hub and project teams as well as other relevant units at HQ as well as with PMUs in designing the adaptive results-based management system and practice.
  • Support the service provider in implementing, integrating, and improving the LLF portfolio’s adaptive Results-based Management processes, tools (SOPs, guidelines, data collection, operational manuals, etc.), approaches, and systems within the IsDB and projects ecosystem (including country level activities), including coordinating, sourcing, and managing required support and alignment from relevant internal IsDB stakeholders e.g., aRBM steering committee, Information Management and Disruptive Technology(IMDT), Budget Performance and  Results Department(BPRD), etc.
  • Supporting the service provider in collection and use of evidence to track progress towards results, inform program and influencing decisions, drive accountability and encourage organizational learning. This includes dissemination and integration of reports, tools, lessons learned and good practices across projects, regions, and portfolios;
  • Ensuring emphasis on, and compliance with, applied learning and adaptation as core pillars of the LLF aRBM program.  

Coordination & Follow-Up:

  • Serve as main liaison with aRBM stakeholders, internal and external, on all matters linked to the aRBM.
  • Facilitate informed discussions and reviews on key issues arising from rolling out the aRBM in the LLF portfolio to allow project and effective program delivery in the IsDB and country level contexts.
  • Facilitate regular review of the LLF-aRBM program theories of change and ensure data gathering and analysis is integrated in the adaptation and updates of the theories of change at the fund, portfolio, and project levels.

Reporting & Communication:


  • Support the documentation and (internal and external) reporting of the LLF-aRBM roll-out, in terms of progress, achievements, performance, issues, lessons learnt, and next steps, among others – for internal and external stakeholders, and for the different channels and fora.
  • Oversee data collection, collation, storage, analysis, and reporting, ensuring that data is of high quality.
  • Support development and management of systems to aggregate and visualize program data, including dashboards, to facilitate data use including analysis for learning and adaptive program management
  • Facilitate targeted learning sessions (events, workshops, strategic dialogues) on adaptive management for the LLF portfolio with key project and program stakeholders and guide feedback and learning based on these sessions. Support the debriefs to be shared with the wider project and program teams.
  • Monitor activities of the service provider and develop a process to report progress made toward delivering expected outcomes and for triggering management support to remove bottlenecks and obstacles in roll-out; Execute methodologies for the systematic collection, storage, and analysis of data on contract deliverables and program indicators.
  • Responsible for reviewing the quality of the aRBM reports, and providing feedback, including but not limited to the data analysis, writing, and interpretation of the results, and learning sections of in collaboration with the service provider, before submission to donors and IsDB aRBM steering committee. Also, for ensuring timely submissions of reports.
  • Support the project’s efforts to develop meaningful content and effective communication collaterals to support the Project’s strategic communication objectives.

Administrative Support:

  • Contract management of the LLF-aRBM service provider including verification of deliverables, processing payments, as well as validating and processing additional service requests in response to new requirements identified in the course of program implementation.
  • Lead all assessments and reviews to refine the scope of work, deliverables, content of reports, for the aRBM service provider.
  • Supporting LLF-aRBM budgeting and resource allocation

Academic and professional qualifications::


  • Bachelor’s degree in any of the following or related fields: social science, international development, public health, evaluation, statistics, or economics
  • At least 5 years of progressively responsible experience in designing, managing, and implementing results based Monitoring, valuation, research, and learning (MERL)activities for social development.
  • Proven experience with non-traditional M&E techniques for adaptive management, such as Most Significant Change, Outcome Mapping, Outcome Harvesting.
  • Proven experience implementing adaptive management based RBM systems in complex operating environments.
  • Proven experience with developing and managing information systems for projects and programs. 

Skills & Necessary Knowledge::

  • Advanced MS Office-Word, Excel & PowerPoint Skills
  • Excellent drafting and report writing skills.
    • Statistical software e.g., Stata, Tableau, SPSS, SAS etc.
    • BI tools
  • Excellent organising skills.
  • Excellent time management skills.
  • Multi-tasking skills
  • Diplomacy and Tact.
  • High level of confidentiality.
  • Able to work under pressure.
  • High level of dedication, willing to work long hours.



  • English
  • Mandatory
  • Arabic
  • Preferred
  • French
  • Preferred