IDB2814 - Senior Risk Analytics Specialist

Business Unit: Finance Complex
Division: FPPA
Department: Financial Policies, Planning & Analytics
Country: Saudi Arabia
Location: Saudi Arabia - Jeddah
Closing date: 14-May-2022


Participates in the quantitative analytical functions for the Finance Complex on performance measurements, benchmarking and
for the monitoring of balance sheets and Asset Liability Management to minimise various financial risks the Bank may face. The
role also entails providing the required analytical support in the formulation of financial policies and for product development.


Financial and Risk Analytics:
Implement an enterprise risk management solution in the Bank that provides
FPPA and Finance Complex the tools to undertake their first layer of defense
responsibilities for managing the financial risks of the Bank.
• Oversee the financial analytical research to identify the key income drivers,
cost allocations to formulate optimal business model of the Bank.
• Oversee preparation of analytic reports on periodic basis on liquidity
management and on performance assessment and attribution analysis for inhouse
managed investment portfolios.
• Develop and implement methodologies to assess and measure IsDB's market
risks associated with financing, investment, funding and derivatives
• Identify and, measure key risks and emerging risks on profit-rate, currency
and other market risks inherent in the financing, investing, funding and
hedging operations of the bank.
Undertake detailed review and assessment of the market and liquidity risk
profiles including credit/counterpart quality of the liquid fund’s portfolio,
duration mismatch between assets and liabilities, currency mismatch, gap
analysis, stress testing, sensitivity, etc.
• Undertake stress tests and scenario analyses on investment, funding and
derivatives portfolios to ascertain the level of market risk in the bank's
• Quantify the potential exposures to market and liquidity risks due to both
existing and proposed borrowings and report thereof.
• Provide quantitative analytic support and modelling for the Policies unit and
any other units in the Finance Complex.
• Collaborate with the Financial Policies function and Investment unit in
developing investment policy statements for each of the investment funds.
• Provide the analytical support to proposing risk-return objectives, risk
tolerance, investment horizon, Strategic Asset Allocation (SAA), liquidity
requirements and investment constraints.

Operational Excellence:
Provide technical guidance to the lesser experienced team members and
review their work.
• Monitor the effective implementation and adherence to respective financial
management policies, procedures and controls so that all relevant
procedural / regulatory requirements are fulfilled.
• Keep abreast of the latest developments, regulations and leading practices
in the field and propose any necessary actions.
• Propose and implement process improvements to increase efficiency,
effectiveness and compliance of the related operations.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics, Econometrics, Financial
    Management or related field. Certification in FRM, PRM or CFA
    would be preferred.
  • Minimum 8 years of experience in financial management, financial
    modelling, risk management and related fields. Investment
    banking and pricing policies experiences are preferred.

Skills & Necessary Knowledge:


• Building Relationships
• Motivation to Learn and Share
• Passion for Excellence
• Analytical Thinking
• Problem Solving
• Financial Management
• Advanced knowledge of risk management, treasury function,
and compliance.
• Advanced knowledge of Statistical Analysis, Financial
Modeling and Reporting.


English: (Mandatory)

Arabic: (Preferred)

French: ( Preferred)