IDB2755 - Treasury Investment Specialist

Business Unit: ICIEC
Division: Finance Division- ICIEC
Department: Not Applicable
Country: Saudi Arabia
Location: Saudi Arabia - Jeddah
Closing date: 15-May-2022


Finance Department

Reporting To:

Technically Reporting to Lead Investment Specialist & ALM and Administratively Reporting to Senior Manager, Finance


- Identifying, evaluating, obtaining approvals and executing investments related to ICIEC liquidity management.
- Applying policies & guidelines designed to minimize risk and optimize returns for ICIEC’s liquidity investments.
- Supporting liquidity management including funding and investment activities, financial analysis, bank relationship management, foreign exchange operations, etc. for the treasury investment function of the Corporation.
- Day-to-day operational cash and investment management, portfolio monitoring and reporting.


Core Responsibilities                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

  • Cash management, cash flow forecasting and investment of excess funds.

  • Due diligence for treasury investments (Sukuk, trade finance syndications, real estate, equities, etc.)

  • Analyses of foreign exchange risk and hedge strategies.

  • Financial risk management relating to treasury operations.

  • Placing transaction orders & Execution (using treasury operations system).

  • Assists with written and dashboard reporting for the board and Management.

Investment Management

  • Identifies new investment opportunities.

  • Undertakes detailed due diligence on potential investment opportunities using financial modelling, investment financial risks analysis, expected returns, mitigants, etc. while ensuring adherence to investment policy and risk guidelines.

  • Follows-up with Dealing room/Finance for execution, settlement and reconciliation of outgoing and incoming payments relating to investment accounts.

  • Ensuring complete documentation for investment such as deposits with banks, sukuk issues, money markets for Islamic transactions/instruments, short term paper securities etc. to generate the most profitable returns for ICIEC.

Cash Management

  • Implements efficient cash monitoring, management and reporting.

  • Prepares monthly cash flow forecast with recommendations.

  • Coordinates with Finance division for treasury-related accounts reconciliation, including administrative bank account management.

  • Monitors compliance with the Liquidity Policy, Investment strategy and Guidelines and proposes rebalancing transactions.

  • Minimizes lost investment income due to operational errors, investment transaction delays, early termination of investment positions, etc.

    Share Capital

  • Coordinates with Finance division regarding maintaining updated positions related to Share Capital subscriptions and prepares related reports as requested by member countries.

    Coordination & Communication

  • Engages actively and cultivates relationships with industry players including analysts, banks, fund managers, etc.

  • Coordinates with IsDB Treasury Department & Middle Office regarding updates to investment instruments, limits, ratings, reporting, etc.

  • Coordinates with ICIEC business departments to better understand and continuously update cash requirements planning through system reports or manual data inputs.

  • Understands credit rating agencies methodologies, liquidity and investment risk perceptions, and support preparation of all rating agencies documentation and annual review requirements.

  • Facilitates and coordinate all Investment Committee investment proposal ‘approvals by circulation’ and feedback from RMD & GLC on Treasury investment proposals.

  • Coordinates with the Senior Dealer and manages all administrative processes for fund management and counterparty relations.

Operational excellence support

  • Coordinates with ICIEC business departments regarding cash flow requirements and cash planning and proposes enhancements to streamline and enhance efficiency of the communication and reporting processes.

  • Ensures effective implementation and adherence to policies, procedures and guidelines.

  • Keeps abreast of latest developments, regulations and best practices in treasury and investment management.

  • Implements process improvements to increase efficiency, effectiveness and compliance of investment operations.

  • Provides necessary input for preparation of Treasury budgets, strategy and business plans, and monitor actual investment income and expenditure against the approved budget.



Field of Study

  • Degree in business/economics, finance, accounting, or any other related field
  • Master’s in finance/Investments (preferred).

Academic Qualifications and Relevant Experience

Qualification Level

High School Diploma

Bachelor’s Degree

Master’s Degree




5-8 years

2 years


Nature of Experience

  • Similar work experience in Investment houses or other financial institutions.

Professional Certifications

  • CFA (preferred)

Business Language Skills

  • Good command of written and spoken English and Arabic.


  • Knowledge of French is an added advantage.

Key Performance Indicators

  • Compliance with the Liquidity Policy, Investment Strategy & Guidelines


  • Quality of due diligence proposals and effectiveness of cash management recommendations


  • Accuracy of cash flow planning and forecasting and minimizing idle cash.


  • Quality and timeliness of delivery of assigned tasks