IDB2731 - Compliance & Monitoring Specialist

Business Unit: Finance Complex
Division: Compliance & Monitoring
Department: Fin. Policies, Planning & Analytics
Country: Saudi Arabia
Location: Saudi Arabia - Jeddah
Closing date: 27-Dec-2021

Job Purpose:

To oversee the day-to-day management of compliance and monitoring of credit, market, liquidity and ALM risk limits. This also includes all activities related to the Middle Office function and regular monitoring of exposures and reporting on breaches to limits. Monitor currency mix of the bank to maintain alignment with the SDR currency basket and oversee all activities pertaining to FPPA's role as Secretariat to ALCO including preparation of the ALCO pack. Work with IMDT and concerned service providers for maintaining and enhancing the systems used by the Middle Office function from compliance and business perspectives.

Key Accountabilities & Activities:

Compliance and Monitoring: 

  • Oversee the delivery of Middle Office function that includes third-party creation, maintenance of static data, market data, ratings and sector data, blotter monitoring, and limits management.
  • Report regularly to concerned departments and to ALCO on breaches to credit, concentration, market and liquidity limits defined by the respective policies, guidelines and authorities.
  • Oversee continuous monitoring and reporting on profit-rate, currency and other market risks inherent in the financing, investing, funding and hedging operations of the bank.
  • Oversee weekly monitoring of the currency mix of the bank to maintain alignment with the SDR currency basket and report to treasury on deviations from the neutral positions and actions required to address these deviations.
  • Oversee all activities pertaining to FPPA's role as Secretariat to ALCO including preparation of the ALCO pack, regular and other agenda items, and follow-up actions.
  • Collaborate with the Planning and Analytics unit to undertake detailed review and assessment of the market and liquidity risk profiles including credit quality of the liquid fund’s portfolio, duration mismatch between assets and liabilities, currency mismatch, static and dynamic re-pricing gap analysis, stress testing, sensitivity, etc.
  • Work closely with IMDT Department to enhance the functionality of the systems used by Middle Office and to develop/generate reports to enhance the regular monitoring and reporting on compliance with limits. 
  • Coordinate with other departments within the Finance Complex on data and functionality of Middle Office systems to meet regular and ad-hoc business and compliance requirements.
  • Propose enhancements to processes and systems used by compliance and monitoring function and work on hiring and managing consultants, when needed, for this purpose

Operational Excellence:

  • Provide technical guidance to the lesser experienced team members and review their work.
  • Monitor effective implementation and adherence to the respective financial management policies, procedures and controls so that all relevant procedural requirements are fulfilled.
  • Keep abreast with the latest developments, regulations and leading practices in the field and proposes any necessary actions.
  • Propose and implement process improvements to increase efficiency, effectiveness and compliance of the related operations

Education Certification & Experience::

  • Academic and Experience Qualification

    • Bachelor’s degree in Finance, Financial Analysis or related field. Certification in FRM, PRM or CFA would be preferred.
    • Minimum 5 years of experience in middle office, treasury or risk management or related field. 



    • English - Mandatory 
    • Arabic - Preferred
    • French - Preferred 

​Skills & Necessary Knowledge:

  • Adaptability
  • Advanced
  • Teamwork Advanced
  • Client Centricity and Stakeholder
  • Management Advanced
  • Motivation to Learn and Share Knowledge
  • Drive for Results Advanced Leadership Level
  • Change & Transition Management Proficient
  • Solutions and Result Management Proficient
  • Innovation and Future Orientation Proficient
  • Leadership and People Management Proficient
  • International and Multicultural
  • Collaboration Proficient
  • Communication and Partnership


Jeddah, KSA