IDB2565 - Lead Business Continuity Management

Business Unit: Administration Complex
Division: Not Applicable
Department: Not Applicable
Country: Saudi Arabia
Location: Saudi Arabia - Jeddah
Closing date: 21-Apr-2021

Job Purpose:

To Lead the Business Continuity Management (BCM) Unit of the IsDB Group by ensuring the preparation of all required documents including BCM Strategic Plan, Business Continuity Risk Assessment, Crisis Communication Guide, Business Impact Analysis, BCM Manuals, Logistic Crisis Guide and etc. The position will provide on time and advance level technical and professional advice & support to the Senior Management for making effective decision at the time of natural disasters, (potential) conflicts, terrorism, crime, fire, computer / human error or others, to ensure staff safety and continuation of the Bank’s operation without any interruption.  Lead the coordination process across the IsDB Group in the preparation of the BCM Annual Work Program Budget, monitoring implementation of work programs, and strategic initiatives.

The position will be responsible for the preparation and dissemination of communication material to the staff at  the time of crisis.

Lead the preparation of BCM Report for senior management and the Board of Executive Directors, ensure that they are submitted timely meeting the highest standards,  and establish effective working relation with other international organization for cooperation and knowledge sharing.

Putting in place and updating a comprehensive BCM plan with all implementation arrangements for IsDB Group at HQ and Regional Hubs is a key assignment.

Key Accountabilities:

  •  Lead the Business Continuity Management Unit the BCM Annual the Work Program Budget, monitoring implementation of work programs, strategic initiatives in close coordination with entities. 
  •  Develop and supervise the implementation of Business Continuity Management strategy across IsDB Group, 
  •  Develop the business continuity and recovery programs, and under guidance from the Management, enhance the business contingency plans, including enacting crisis-mode of operations for IsDB Group (affecting the business processes, the IT systems or applications).
  •  Provide leadership in coordinating, assessing, developing and communicating Business Continuity recovery environment requirements and contingency plans to protect the IsDB Group in the event that facilities or technology resources are unavailable due to a crisis.
  •  Oversee IsDBG departments’ assessment of potential business impact (Business Impact Analysis), definition of critical functions/processes, and design, development, and documentation of business continuity plans.
  •  Provide a comprehensive ability for IsDB Group to recover from a crisis and return its systems and operations with minimal operating risk.
  •  Ensure the BCM team assess the business processes of IsDB Group and identify the necessary steps to keep IsDB Group running during disaster / incident.
  •  Oversee the development, maintenance and implementation of Business Continuity policies and procedures, systems, applications, frameworks, guidelines, and official standards.
  •  Oversee the team responsible for planning and implementation of the IsDB Group contingency plans for providing manual procedures development to mitigate any risk associated with complete or partial failure of IsDB Group facilities, IT systems, or applications due to a crisis.
  •  Ensure that critical processes/functions of key departments can continue to manage the IsDB Group’s assets and maintain operations during a crisis. 
  •  To provide secretariat and convening support to Standing, Steering and any other BCM committees,
  •  Manage and follow up on implementation of the executive communications and directives of the Management and report on their progress.
  •  Supervise the testing and exercising of business continuity plans and systems at IsDB Group.
  •  Provide consultation and advice to Management and IsDB Group departments in the area of Business Continuity Management.
  •  Provide direct communications between key departments during a crisis including: Administrative Services Department, Information Technology Department, Human Resources Management Department etc.  
  •  Interact with the critical staff and teams for the purpose of planning, directing, controlling, and maintaining the contingency planning effort during the crisis.
  •  Conduct current state risk assessment prior to BCM project initiation phase.
  •  Ensure timeliness, quality, accuracy and consistency of information.
  •  Lead in establishing and maintaining relationships and communications with the entities, departments as well as external institutions and promote linkages in the BCM related activities.
  •  Prepare high quality BCM report submitted to Board of Executive Directors (BED) on time.
  •  Provide periodic status updates to management on current projects.
  • Manage and ensure the effective achievement of functional objectives through leadership of the department setting departmental and individual objectives.
  • Act as mentor and provide coaching to team members.
  • Generate commitment, motivation and enthusiasm within the unit.
  • Enhance team members creativity and innovation.
  • Promote knowledge sharing and research capability for the team members.
  • Preparing the news report prepared for the internal communication to the staff.

Job Requirements:

Academic qualifications and experience;

  • A master degree in engineering, Information Technology, Management, Economics or any relevant field (Preferred)
  • A bachelor’s degree in engineering, Information Technology, Management, Economics or any relevant field (Required)
  • 10 years’ experience BCM, program management, coordination or relevant experience.(Required)
  • 3 years of supervisory experience. (Required)
  • Work experience with International Organizations.(Preferred)
  • Business Continuity Management (BCM) certification (Preferred)
  • Project Management certification or experience (preferred)
  • Business improvement certification or experience (preferred).


  • English (fluent)
  • Arabic (Preferred)
  • French (Preferred)

Job specific competencies and skills 

  • Effective Oral and writing Communication
  • Deep knowledge in Business Continuity Management including knowledge of the ISO 22301 Business continuity standard
  • Have analytical skills to understand the staff dynamics from all aspects and be able to develop measures to address them
  • Change Management skills
  • Problem solving skills


Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

Travel Requirements:

Occasionally when there is a need.