IDB2504 - Executive Coordinator

Business Unit: Administration Complex
Division: Not Applicable
Department: Not Applicable
Country: Saudi Arabia
Location: Saudi Arabia - Jeddah
Closing date: 25-Nov-2020

Role Purpose:

Responsible for supporting the office of the VP/DG concerned, by providing effective Complex/Directorate wide executive coordination and support in implementing decisions and activities. This would include providing support in coordination across the Complex/Directorate in monitoring of work program, strategic initiatives, change management program, training program and budget. The position will support implementing and management of the executive information and follow-up system in the VP/DG Front Office, in order to enhance internal and external stakeholders’ responsiveness. The Executive Coordinator will provide assistance to the Lead Coordinator and Senior Specialists in managing Complex/Directorate wide KPIs and ensuring availability of updated and reliable management information systems to allow tracking of the deliverables. In addition, the Executive Coordinator will organize and maintain the VP/DG’s schedule and assist him by performing a variety of administrative tasks, from time to time.


Executive Information and Follow-up: 

  • Support the VP/DG front office in the preparation of Annual Work Program, KPIs development and regular follow up with departments for the preparation of quarterly report. 
  • Support in the development, roll-out and management of the digitized executive information and follow-up system of the VP/DG office to ensure timely responsiveness to stakeholder requests. 
  • Ensure that all instructions generated by the VP/DG are recorded, transmitted, and followed-up. Likewise, be the first line of response to enquiries of the concerned units and external stakeholders on follow-up issues. 
  • Assist to provide a ready reference to the VP/DG on the Complex/Directorate’s activities and pending issues by monitoring data and information related to all communication originated from the VP/DG, the actions taken by individual departments and the necessary follow up activities. Further, generate reports to monitor responsiveness, identify delays and bottlenecks to implementation of executive instructions. 
  • Contribute to enforcing established criteria, principles and procedures to be followed by the concerned units when preparing responses for the signature of the VP/DG or on behalf of the VP/DG, ensuring that the deadlines are met in the most effective way. 
  • Contribute to enhancing the efficiency of VP/DG’s time by sorting and prioritizing mails. 
  • Monitor the activities of Archive staff in the VP/DG office and provide guidance when required. 
  • Assist in the preparation of periodical responsiveness report for the VP/DG, showing the responsiveness of the concerned Departments/Units within the Complex/Directorate in order to improve the level of effectiveness. 

Executive Appointment, Meetings & Relationship Management: 

  • Maintain VP/DG’s schedule and agenda, and assist in planning appointments, meetings, conferences etc. 
  • Support or act as the secretariat in VP/DG’s meetings with the Complex/Directorate’s management team as well as external stakeholders. Assist the VP/DG in his role as the Chairman of various management committees. 
  • As required, support in preparation of meetings’ agenda, ensure availability of supporting and key documents, prepare, review and distribute minutes, prepare memoranda on key decisions and follow up on implementation of actions agreed. 
  • Network with offices of the senior and middle management within and across the Complex/Directorate to facilitate implementation of VP/DG office decisions and ensuring appropriate relationship management.
  • Timely preparation of the VP/DG’s file for participation in internal and external events, follow-up on the implementation of decisions made and instructions to be followed. 
  • Coordinate with the concerned department / Units to relay protocol related information for visitors, dignitaries and diplomatic personalities who come to meet the VP/DG. 
  • Coordinate with other units of the Complex/Directorate and prepare draft of the VP/DG’s mission program and engagement plans. 
  • Assist in monitoring the budget of the VP/DG office and support the front office team in its management. 
  • Assist the Front office in organizing Complex/Directorate retreats and town halls.

Knowledge Management: 

  • Support the focal points in the VP/DG office to implement the knowledge management architecture in coordination with the relevant units. 
  • Contribute to improve the executive information and follow-up system of the VP/DG Office by staying abreast of the best practices. 
  • Support in development and implementation of training plan for the Complex/Directorate. 


Academic qualifications
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, Economics, Finance, or any related field

Minimum number of years and nature of experience

  •  5 years of relevant experience 
  • Experience in operations of multilateral development banks or other International Financial Institutions preferred. 
  • Experience and exposure of working with senior level Executives is preferred.


  • High profile stakeholder management and outreach
  • Ability to coordinate high profile meetings and events
  • Interpersonal and diplomatic skills
  • Excellent written and oral communication
  • Advanced knowledge of global, regional and member countries’ socio-economic development and political issues
  • Advanced analytical skills for preparing quality documents/briefs
  • Bank Knowledge
  • Building Relationships
  • Client Centricity and Responsiveness
  • Motivation to Learn and Share
  • Passion for Excellence
  • Drive for Results
  • Problem Solving
  • Development Effectiveness
  • Policies and Procedures



  • Adaptability  
  • Teamwork  
  • Client Centricity and Stakeholder Management  
  • Motivation to Learn and Share Knowledge  
  • Drive for Results

Leadership Level:

  • Change & Transition Management  
  • Solutions and Result Management  
  • Innovation and Future Orientation  
  • Leadership and People Management  
  • International and Multicultural Collaboration  
  • Communication and Partnership