IDB2324 - Country Manager, Indonesia Representative Office

Business Unit: ICIEC-Islamic Corp for Ins of Inv & Export Credit
Division: Not Applicable
Department: Not Applicable
Country: Indonesia
Location: Indonesia - Jakarta
Closing date: 19-Aug-2019


The role holder is responsible in supporting sales in specified countries within the region including Member Countries (or non-Member Countries for certain products) by bringing new customers and upselling cross selling activities with existent clients within the region in order to increase business insured and premium income through implementation of a country/region specific sales strategy for the overall benefit of the Corporation. This role will pursue identified leads, generate business through new and existent customers, ensure quality of business insured is maintained, assist customer in familiarization with the new policy and develop strong market intelligence to provide inputs for improvement of existing products. The role holder will also manage the relationship with clients in the specified country he is operating in order to generate new business from them. The role holder will maintain relationships with IDB Group and other stakeholder to explore new business opportunities to enhance ICIEC sales.


Business Development

  • Ensures implementation of the business development plan as per the guidelines defined by the Manager, Asia Region.


  • Pursues all leads identified in close coordination with the Manager, Asia Region by interacting with potential customers, understanding their requirements, offering products to address their needs and hence convert them into customers for ICIEC to enhance business insured and premium income for ICIEC.


  • Initiates meetings to identify opportunities to sell to individual exporters, suppliers, banks, and investors to identify their needs and recommend solutions thus generating business for ICIEC.


  • Conducts meetings with identified clients on a periodic basis to pursue potential business opportunities to generate sales through new customers and hence increase revenue.


  • Adheres to the guidelines to manage the risks prudently by understanding the customers and their financial dealings better.


  • Ensures achievement of established targets (number of clients, business insured, premium etc.) and ensures maintenance of portfolio through balancing sales between short term, medium terms and long term products.


  • Ensures product and segment profitability, pricing strategy to recommend changes to the sales plan if needed in coordination with the Manager, Asia Region.


  • Ensures adherence to risk management guidelines in bringing in new business to minimize the number of claims submitted to ICIEC.


  • Supports the Public relations team to launch media and advertising coupling, and organizing promotional seminars.


  • Dealing with Brokers and other potential distribution channels available in the market to develop new business for the Corporation.



    Market Intelligence


  • Liaises with the Manager, Asia Region to develop understanding of the target Member Countries by staying up to date with economic, political developments and macro-economic trends to provide inputs to key stakeholders such as Underwriters, Managers, Underwriting (Commercial and Sovereign Risks) etc. and evaluates the impact of external trends on product sales.


  • Liaises with identified external market research agencies, private and public stakeholders and utilises other sources to collate information about competitor activities to ensure development of competitive sales strategy for enhancing ICIEC sales.


  • Supports the development of new products and the improvement of existing products based on market trends, competitor offerings and customer feedback from the country of operation to enhance market penetration.


    Customer Relationship Management


  • Liaises with customers after the policy has been issued by ICIEC, to assist the customer in familiarizing with various facets of the policy such as terms, processes etc.


  • Understands the guiding principles and rules pertaining to KYC and ensures adherence to the same.


  • Maintains good relations with the existing and new customers to identify new deals and generate business opportunities for ICIEC.


  • Negotiates with potential clients, ensures issuance of NBIs, offers, insurance policy, etc. as per the authority delegated to him by the Region Manager.




Nature of Experience:  Prior experience in Marketing or Underwriting, with 3 relevant experience in Business Development and/or Customer Relations, preferably in the Export Credit/ Banking Industry.


Field of Study:     Marketing, Business Administration, Finance, Economics
Academic Qualifications and Relevant Experience Qualification:       Master’s Degree with 5 years experience or Bachelor’s Degree with 8 years experience 


Key Performance Indicators:

 Revenue (premium, commissions and fees) generated from the clients
 Business insured from the clients
 Number of new Policies issued
 Renewal rate