IDB2302 - Lead Investigation Specialist

Business Unit: President Complex
Division: Not Applicable
Department: Not Applicable
Country: Saudi Arabia
Location: Saudi Arabia - Jeddah
Closing date: 13-Jun-2019

Job Purpose:

To ensure that unhindered investigations are conducted into allegations related to fraud, corruption, and misconduct involving Bank Staff, with regard to Bank financed operations, administrative budgets and misuse of Bank resources. The outcomes of these investigations are transmitted to either the relevant Sanctions Committee under the Bank’s Sanctions Procedures or to the President and administered under the Bank's disciplinary framework; To review and analyze allegations and whistle-blowing information to determine relevancy and reliability, conduct sensitive interviews and other investigative research activities as required.

Key Accountabilities:

Investigative Work

  • Monitor and report regularly to the Director, on planned activities and programs developed for investigative work, as well as performance of any other tasks as instructed by the Director to ensure that operations financed by the Bank Group comply with Bank Group policies.
  • Conduct and otherwise assist in sensitive preliminary inquiries into allegations of fraud, corruption or staff misconduct as the needs of the Office require
  • Review and analyze allegations and whistleblowing information to determine relevancy and reliability, conduct sensitive interviews and other investigative research activities
  • Lead in controlling, tracking, and analyzing allegations, investigations and findings
  • Undertake and manage investigations and deliver highest quality related investigative work product
  • Lead in the conduct of sensitive and complex interviews and investigations
  • Conclude decisions that are ethically based, transparent and take into account due process

Reporting, Planning and Monitoring

  • Establish appropriate deadlines and processes for ensuring work products of the highest standards
  • Demonstrate strong organization skills namely in maintaining case files electronically in the Case Management System (CMS) and in hard copy;
  • Ensure compliance with chain of custody procedures, maintaining case records, testimony and evidence;
  • Prepare Investigation Reports relating to investigative findings, discuss and defend the findings, conclusions and recommendations;
  • Review and edit outputs of investigators and quality control the substance and presentation of investigative findings;
  • Prepare Referral Reports and Communications to national governments;
  • Provide statistical analysis of both on-going and completed investigations;
  •  Formulate policies, guidelines, systems, procedures and tools related to Integrity and knowledge building, ensuring alignment with international Good Practice Standards;
  • Coordinate with other development partners (sister institutions…) for joint events

People Management

  • Communicate the outcomes and lessons learned from staff misconduct investigations and investigations into Bank financed operations.
  • Provide leadership to staff in a group investigation and assist in evaluating work-load as well as take responsibility for the outcomes of the team’s investigations
  • Generate and sustain commitment, motivation and enthusiasm of the teams, and guide them through periods of change or uncertainty;
  • Provide clear direction, prioritize tasks, assign and delegate responsibility and monitor the workflow;
  • Participate in the 360 peer-review;


Job Requirements:

Necessary knowledge and Experience to be able to do the job

  • 10 years of substantial professional experience in investigative work, preferably investigations relating to fraud and corruption in public or private sector, including but not limited to criminal prosecution or defense work, procurement, fraud or corruption; tracing stolen assets and professional misconduct in a corporate or governmental setting.
  • Experience in financial integrity investigations and fraud investigation or law enforcement is an advantage.  A professional Qualification in Fraud Examination would be an added advantage;
  • Understanding of unethical behaviors or professional misconduct, including extensive knowledge of Business Ethics in a multilateral organization;
  • Knowledge of global best practices in Integrity, strong interpersonal skills, and ability to provide team leadership and to develop trust and demonstrate fairness.
  • Proven experience in integrity work within International Financial Institutions (IFIs) and especially within Multilateral Development Banks would be an advantage. 

Education and Certification requirements

  • Minimum a Master's Degree or equivalent in Law, Criminology, and Criminal Justice, Audit, Forensic Accounting or related field;
  • Professional qualification as a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE), Certified Internal Auditor or MBA would be an advantage.

Job specific technical Skills

  • Excellent IT skills in multimedia and IT (Word, Excel, Access, MS Publisher, Website and Database management);
  • Excellent analytical skills;
  • Strong and proven ability to communicate, write, present and clearly defend findings and recommendations of investigations and strong organizational and analytical ability with attention to detail and ability to work independently and manage challenges;
  • Good understanding of employment regulations (within MDB context);


  • English (Mandatory)
  • Arabic and/or French (Preferred)




  • Adaptability
  • Building Relationships
  • Motivation to Learn and Share
  • Passion for Excellence


  • Communication & Partnership
  • Solutions & Result Management
  • International & Multicultural Collaboration


  • Stakeholder / Client Management
  • International Development
  • Country Portfolio Assessment
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Development Effectiveness
  • Project Management / Public Procurement 


IsDB Headquarters in Jeddah with frequent travel abroad.