IDB2287 - Senior Fragility and Resilience Specialist

Business Unit: Country Programs Complex
Division: Not Applicable
Department: Resilience and Social Development Department
Contract type: Regular Staff
Country: Saudi Arabia
Location: Saudi Arabia - Jeddah
Closing date: 19-May-2019
Job Purpose::

To work on sector policies, strategies, design, management and implementation of programs and projects in the areas Post Conflict, Fragility and Resilience in Member Countries (MCs) to ensure these areas are integrated in programs and projects across IsDB.

The role is also expected to perform the following activities:

  • The Bank’s interventions in and strategic dialogue of Post Conflict and Fragility matters in Member Countries (MCs);
  • Initiate and contribute to the development knowledge products and economic sector reviews, provide key strategic findings and disseminate the information to ensure knowledge transfer and use of best practices across the division.
  • Mainstream the fragility, post conflict and resilience in the Bank’s operations and in IsDB MCs.
  • Lead cross-departmental teams to contribute to the initiatives of the Division.
  • Foster partnership with international development partners and agencies.
  • Provide the regional hubs and IsDB MCs with technical guidance and support in the areas of Post Conflict and Fragility.


Key Accountabilities:

Policy and Strategy Planning and Input

  • Actively contribute to the human development Division work plan, program and activities.
  • Initiate and actively contribute to the development of policy, guidelines, operational strategy and action plans of fragility, post conflict and resilience of the Bank.
  • Conduct and disseminate diagnostic studies, policy briefs and occasional working papers on the post conflict, fragility and resilience in IDB MCs.
  • Lead cross-departmental teams to contribute to the initiatives of the Division.

Program and Portfolio Management

  • Guide and advice the Bank and MCs in the reconstruction, recovery and transition management of the post conflict and conflict affected countries.
  • Provide technical support and closely work with the regional hubs to effectively implement and monitor post conflict, fragility and conflict affected countries initiatives, programs, and projects of the Bank as required.
  • Collaborate and partner with stakeholders in order to support MCs affected by conflict and fragility.
  • Monitor and asses initiatives related to post-conflict, fragility and conflict affected IDB MCs
  • Contribute to the selection of the Program / Portfolio which maximize the utilization of resources and concentrate on results based impact on the post conflict and fragility, in MCs
  • Contribute to the development of annual work plan and Divisional and Departmental budget.  
  • Contribute to the signing off the Project Appraisal Document and RRP of the new program and projects of post conflict and fragile states to present to the relevant technical fora of the Bank.
  • Contribute to the preparation of business cases for new initiatives for promoting assistance programs and present them to concerned division / department management members.
  • Contribute to the preparation of the business process for the projects and programs implemented in the post conflict, fragile and conflict affected MCs.
  • Mainstream fragility and conflict sensitivity lens in the Bank’s operations, programs and projects.

Knowledge Sharing

  • Transfer knowledge of fragility and resilience to other employees within IDB Group and externally to MCs to ensure awareness and quality assurance.
  • Contribute to the organization of high-level knowledge sharing and dissemination events on of fragility post conflict and resilience of the Bank.


  • Prepare regular internal status reports of all fragility, post conflict, reconstruction and resilience activities within the IDB Group and highlight any concern areas and success stories and to keep the Manager abreast of the work status.
  • Prepare report for external use to demonstrate and provide required information regarding of post conflict and fragility.


  • Assess international best practices in the field of post conflict and fragility.
  • Provide research guidance on post conflict and fragility best practices and latest developments and involvement in other Multilateral Development Banks (MDB).
  • Benchmark IDB with other MDBs for relevant of post conflict and fragility initiatives
  • Provide recommendations based on Gap Analysis of IDB Group to identify areas for improvement

Partnership and Initiatives

  • Initiate and contribute to the identification, management and implementation of initiatives related to fragility, post conflict and resilience thematic areas of the Bank.
  • Foster and contribute to the partnership efforts to increase the visibility and resources of the Bank in the areas of fragility, conflict and development.
  • Liaise and collaborate with sister organizations and Multilateral Development Bank (MDBs) regarding the works of the Division.
Qualifications / Experience:

Academic Qualifications:  

• Minimum Master’s degree in economics, development studies, conflict and development or related field.
• PhD (preferred)


​• English (mandatory)
• French (preferred)
• Arabic (preferred)

Work Experience:

• 7-9 years’ experience in social development sector, 3 of which in multilateral development bank. 
• Experience in reconstruction, transition management, post-conflict, resilience or related fields. 

Job Technical Skill:

• Extensive knowledge of fragility, post conflict and resilience trends in MCs.
• Knowledge of post conflict, recovery, and transition management issues globally.
• Knowledge in conceptualizing and managing development Projects/ programs.
• Publications in the areas of fragility, post conflict and development.
• Project management 
• Strong analytical skills (sector analysis, diagnosis studies and country context analysis)
• Result development management 
• Excellent communication and writing skills


  • Job will be based in IDB’s headquarters in Jeddah, KSA
Travel Requirements:
  • Travel as needed

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