IDB2286 - Senior Civil Society Engagement Specialist

Business Unit: Country Programs Complex
Division: Not Applicable
Department: Resilience and Social Development Department
Contract type: Regular Staff
Country: Saudi Arabia
Location: Saudi Arabia - Jeddah
Closing date: 25-Apr-2019
Job Purpose: To build partnerships and ensure the involvement of NGOs and Civil Society in Islamic Development Bank (IDB) Group development initiatives, programs, and projects across sectors and member countries. And disseminate required information regarding NGOs to all stakeholders while highlighting areas NGOs and civil society can add value to IDB Group.
Key Accountabilities:

Strategy Planning and Input

  • Contribute to the human development Division work plan, program and activities.
  • Contribute to the policies of NGOs and Civil Society development of the Division

 NGO Promotion and Monitoring  

  • Monitor and ensure NGOs and Civil Society involvement in IDB development initiatives, programs, and projects across sectors and countries as required
  • Collaborate and partner with NGOs and Civil Society in order to assist the grass roots communities to meet their basic needs
  • Monitor and asses initiatives implemented by NGOs and Civil Society
  • Monitor and evaluate all capacity building programs conducted to ensure all the mentioned initiatives strengthen the role of the NGOs and effectively contribute to upskilling and development of all stakeholders involved

Knowledge Sharing  

  • Transfer knowledge of NGOs related topics to other employees within IDB Group and externally to Member countries and non-members countries to ensure awareness


  • Prepare regular internal status reports of all NGOs activities within the IDB Group and highlight any concern areas and success stories and to keep the Science and Technical Cooperation Division Manager abreast of the work status
  • Prepare report for external use to demonstrate and provide required information regarding NGOs involvement with the IDB Group


  • Research on NGOs best practices and latest developments and involvement in other Multilateral Development Banks (MDB) and the private sector
  • Assess international best practices in the field of capacity building and NGOs
  • Benchmark IDB with other MDBs for relevant NGOs and civil society initiatives
  • Provide recommendations based on Gap Analysis of IDB Group to identify areas for improvement
Job Requirements:

Academic qualifications

  • Bachelors degree in economics, development studies or related field.

  • Masters (preferred)


  • English (mandatory).
  • French (preferred).
  • Arabic (preferred).

Minimum number of years and nature of experience

  •  5-7 years experience in development management or social development sector, 3 of which in multilateral development bank.
  • Experience in international trends in human development, NGOs, Civil Society and education sectors

Job Technical Skill

  • Knowledge of NGOs, Civil Society and trends in MCs
  • Knowledge of humanitarian, emergency response and relief issues.
  • Knowledge in conceptualizing and managing education Projects/ programs.
  • Project management
  • Analytical (sector analysis, diagnosis studies and country context analysis)
  • Result development management
  • Excellent communication, analytical and writing skills
Location: Jeddah, Head Office       
Travel requirements: 20% or more depending on requirements

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