IDB2256 - Lead Portfolio Manager for EEFPP

Business Unit: President Complex
Division: Not Applicable
Department: Economic Empowerment Department (EED)
Contract type: Conditional Regular (Indefinite) Employment
Country: Saudi Arabia
Location: Saudi Arabia - Jeddah
Closing date: 03-Mar-2019
Role Purpose:

To lead the design and structure of the Economic Empowerment Fund for Palestinian People (EEFPP);

To supervise the overall management of the EEFPP and develop action plans to achieve the objectives of the Fund;

To supervise the Fund team activities for the analysis and reporting of the Fund performance, and to provide leadership, direction, coordination and management of activities, and take the day-to-day managerial and operational decisions, plan the work program along with its adequate resourcing, and ensure that the Fund achieves its objectives and fully contributes to the delivery of the EE Department;

To manage the submission of the projects proposals and periodic reports to the Fund Management Committee and the Board of Shareholders and to coordinate with the Fund Investment Committee and provide it with the necessary information;

To manage the communications with the Palestinian Authorities, Palestinian private sector and expected partners in Palestine; and to manage the partnerships, donor’s relations, resources mobilization, and report to the management regularly.


General Responsibilities

  • Supervise the formulation process of the Fund general and investment policies and communicate policies with the Palestinian partners;
  • Supervise the preparation and the adoption of EEFPP financial and operational regulations for the approval of the Fund Management Committee; 
  • Supervise the preparation of the budgets, financial statements, reports and studies prepared by the Fund team for the approval of the Fund Management Committee;
  • Prepare the operational objectives of the Fund in light of the strategic objectives set by the Board of Shareholders and the development of performance indicators;
  • Control the assets and financial resources of the Fund and its investment returns;
  • Achieve the highest efficiency in the use, maintenance and development of human and financial resources available to the Fund;
  • Increase the Fund revenues, reduce expenses, develop the Fund operations and work on its spread and maintain its reputation at home and abroad;
  • Periodic monitoring of the operations and activities of the Fund to ensure that it conforms to the policies established by the Fund Management Committee;
  • Increase visibility and improve relationship with stakeholders including the investors, civil society organizations, and field partners;
  • Supervise the implementation of resource mobilization strategy to raise resources for the Fund.

Strategic & Operational Planning

  • Lead and manage the development of the (EEFPP) multi-year strategy;
  • Create and supervise the implementation of actionable short to medium term operational plans and budgets; along with the adequate resourcing and ensure that the Fund achieves its results;
  • Review proposed plans by Fund staff to ensure they are aligned with EEFPP specific objectives;
  • Study the reports submitted by the Fund team and take necessary action to resolve any problems arise;
  • To ensure that cross-cutting issues, such as capacity building, women empowerment, social and environmental issues related to EEFPP are addressed;
  • Lead the identification of strategic entry points and partners to work on Palestinian issues in international donor’s community.

Policies, Processes & Procedures

  • Lead the development of the governance policy and regulations for EEFPP including legal and compliance procedures and relevant procedures covering eligibility criteria for projects;
  • Lead the EEFPP policy dialogue and ensure documentation of relevant good practices and their dissemination internally, to the EEFPP client and other partners;
  • Provide clarification on EEFPP policies to relevant stakeholders as well as technical advice to other funds and development partners when there is a need for EEFPP experiences.

Business Development, Partnership and Networking

  • Communicate with officials in governments, financial institutions and other partners.
  • Supervise the collaboration with a range of agencies, private sector partners and working closely with the lead implementation agencies to projects inside and outside Palestine;  
    • Lead and maintain professional relationships with other multilateral development institutions, sovereign wealth funds, public and private funds, asset management companies and other financial institutions for co-financing and partnership;
    • Represent the Fund in events, meetings and conferences and networks outside the Bank;
    • Lead the promotional activities and business development initiatives (such as forums, roadshows and other promotional activities) to promote EEFPP products for advocacy and Resource Mobilization.

    Specific Portfolio Operations Management & Sector Leadership

      • Manage the EEFPP portfolio addressing design and implementation issues in a timely manner and taking actions to ensure a satisfactory performance of the portfolio at any given point in time;
      • Supervise the EE projects formulation, financing, and implementation in Palestine;
      • Develop and implement comprehensive standard operating procedures to documents organizational EEFPP practices to demonstrate compliance with best practices;
      • Prioritize projects and ensure conformity with the guidelines set by the concerned board, and provide necessary guidance on project planning and implementation;
      • Undertake necessary corrective actions to address deviation from policy during operational activities;
      • Supervise the selection of consultants for the implementation of programs and/or projects undertaken by the EEFPP and technically monitor their work.

      People Management

        • Manage and supervise the EEFPP team;
        • Provide leadership, direction, coordination and management of activities, and take the day-to-day managerial and operational decisions;
        • Generate commitment, motivation and enthusiasm to EEFPP objectives, and guide members through periods of change or uncertainly;
        • Encourage employee engagement and support change management and develops culture of openness and transparency within EEFPP;
        • Provide clear direction, prioritize tasks, assign and delegate responsibility and monitor the workflow;
        • Create and promote an environment that values analytical thinking, new and innovative approaches.

        Reporting and Communication

        • Create communication plans and campaigns that support the Fund strategy and priorities;
        • Review results, working papers and present ad-hoc, periodic flagship reports, briefs to the Management;
        • Communicate with officials in governments, financial institutions and other partners.

        Academic qualifications

        • Bachelor’s degree in Economics / Business Administration / International Development Management / Investment, or any related qualification
        • Master’s degree in Economics / Business Administration / International Development Management / Investment, or any related qualification (Preferred)


        • English: Required
        • Arabic: Required 
        • French: Preferred

        Minimum number of years and nature of experience

        • 15 years of relevant experience (with a minimum of 4 years in managerial capacity)
        • Notable experience in managing investment funds or managing programs in multilateral development institutions or in the field of development and economic empowerment
        • Advanced knowledge in the field of development with a good knowledge of Islamic finance field
        • Experience of working with Economic Empowerment Programs or Institutions and/or development projects in conflict areas
        • Strong personality, high skills in decision making, human resources management, communication, persuasion and teamwork
        • Notable knowledge of the economic and social challenges in Palestine
        • A good relationship with different Palestinian actors is a very important feature
        • Experience and knowledge of project fundraising and partnership with focus on trust funds and developmental endowments
        • Analytics on performance of funds and reports
        • Proven track record in sector economic empowerment and poverty reduction
        • Sound knowledge of operations including project cycle and project approval process of multilateral development banks
        • Proven leadership and team leading skills and ability to work in multi-cultural environment
        • Advanced knowledge in result based logical framework development
        • Ability to present ideas and mobilize support around them
        • Ability to frequent travel to the Palestinian territories

        Job specific competencies

        • Adaptability
        • Building Relationships
        • Client Centricity and Responsiveness
        • Motivation to Learn and Share
        • Project management skills
        • Monitoring & Evaluation Skills
        • Highly organized, analytical skills
        • Problem-solving skills
        • People Management
        • Passion for Excellence
        • Analytical Thinking
        • Communication Effectiveness
        • Drive for Results
        • Knowledge, Learning and Communication
        • Stakeholder Management / Client Orientation
        • Strategic Planning
        • Teamwork
        • Waqf Business Management
        • Fund Mobilization
        • Fund Management
        • Marketing and Public Relations
        • Policies and Procedures
        • Partnership management
        Travel requirements: As needed.
        Location: Jeddah, Head Office

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