IDB2247 - Director, Economic Empowerment Department (EED)

Business Unit: President Complex
Division: Not Applicable
Department: Economic Empowerment Department (EED)
Contract type: Conditional Regular (Indefinite) Employment
Country: Saudi Arabia
Location: Saudi Arabia - Jeddah
Closing date: 06-Feb-2019
Job Role:

This role supports leading, supervising and institutionalization of all IsDB Economic Empowerment (EE) activities which includes the four strategic domains of the department: 

1. Program and project engineering;
2. Institutions creation and monitoring;
3. Program implementation and management, end;
4. Fund creation and management support;
In addition, it will play a role of coordination with all concerned parties within the Bank Group to achieve its objectives.

• To create and promote an environment that values analytical thinking and innovative approaches supportive of IsDB’s capability in solving poverty eradication, youth employment and Economic Empowerment challenges in its MCs. 
• Ensure that there are strategies and a sustained pipeline of activities that support integrated Economic Empowerment development in each member country;
• To manage the portfolios of Economic Empowerment activities ensuring its relevance, timely implementation, impact and quality;
• Advise and collaborate with MCs and IsDB staff on the most complex Economic Empowerment development concepts and strategies. Integrate this knowledge into other areas of the Bank’s strategy and portfolio.



1-General Responsibilities:

  • Fund Creation and Management Support

    • Supervise the creation of investment and trust funds in the field of EE;
    • Supervise the creation of international funds mobilized by the Islamic Solidarity Fund Department (ISFD) and assist in their management;
    • Supervise the creation of external funds and assist in their management;
    • Supervise the creation of country funds, and assists in their management;
    • Develop and implement the investment regulations, bylaws and policies to regulate investment activities in EE funds;
    • Review and approve the periodic reports about funds and portfolios activities.
  • Institutions Creation and Monitoring
  • Supervise the establishment and monitoring Economic Empowerment Institutions (EEIs);
  • Supervise the communication and coordination within different departments inside IsDB Group and mobilizes efforts to create EEIs;
  • Identify strategic partners interested in creating EE institutions in cooperation with IsDB and provide them with technical support in the establishment phase;
  • Endorse performance indicators;
  • Monitor the achievement of targets in terms of quantity and quality;
  • Assist in addressing problems and obstacles hindering the creation of EEIs;
  • Review and evaluate the process of creating EEIs for future refinements in the process;
  • Endorse the proposed representatives of IsDB at the Boards of Directors of EEIs.
  • Program Implementation and Management
  • Endorse the implementation of EE programs proposed by different stakeholders;
  • Communicate and coordinate with departments inside IsDB and mobilize efforts to support ongoing EE programs;
  • Monitor implementation and ensures adherence to the relevant time schedule;
  • Assist in addressing problems and obstacles hindering implementation of EE programs;
  • Assist in the evaluation of EE programs for further development of future programs.
  • Program and Project Engineering (PPE)
  • Endorse the outcomes of the PPE section from the exploration, design and development of EE programs and projects for interested countries and economic development institutions, especially those launched by IsDB under the International Initiative for EE;
  • Endorse the database created for different productive sectors in targeted countries; 
  • Endorse the verification of the socio-economic and financial feasibility of these programs and projects;
  • Assist in the conclusion of contracts with other entities that may propose EE programs and projects;
  • Ensure the transfer of knowledge and localization of expertise in program and project engineering reports and shares information with different stakeholders;
  • Develop and implement field operation rules, manuals and tools in the field of engineering EE programs and projects and development of value chains;
  • Lead in the establishment of business centers under the proposed EE institutions to train and accompany entrepreneurs.

2-General Responsibilities

  • Knowledge Sharing & Innovation
    • Share best practices related to Economic Empowerment and incorporate them in the department policies and procedures;
    • Provide input to populate the inventory of lessons learnt;
    • Organize and participate in cross functional knowledge sharing initiatives;
    • Provide technical guidance to junior staff in carrying out operational work.
  • Policies, Processes & Procedures
    • Lead the development of relevant policies and procedures covering eligibility criteria for projects, beneficiaries, sectors etc. as well as interaction with other departments and entities within IsDB Group;
    • Define and document processes that involve cooperation with other IsDB departments and entities;
    • Provide clarification on the EE policies to relevant actors and technical advice to member countries, development partners when needed about Economic Empowerment experiences.
  • Reporting and Communication
  • Review results, working papers and present reports to IsDB management;
  • Communicate intended results, results achieved, performance, and lessons learnt;
  • Supervise the preparation of ad-hoc and periodic reports, proposals and briefs as requested by the management;
  • Communicate with officials in governments, financial institutions and other partners;
  • Participate in networking events and build relationships with various EE actors.

3-Leadership Responsibilities

  • Coordinate the provision of advisory services and technical guidance in matters related to the coordination of EE with IsDB organizational units and entities;
  • Manage the performance and resources of the department through delegation of responsibility, setting stretched objectives and providing regular feedback on results at a department level, promptly addressing areas of underperformance;
  • Monitor and assesses the skills and capabilities of the department, and determines the actions needed to increase the department's impact;
  • Support filling in key capability gaps of teams through capacity development and recruiting efforts;
  • Coach, mentor and develop the direct reports and the top talent/high potential staff;
  • Act as a role-model to communicate to the department’s staff IsDB’s values and leadership competencies and provides direction and support in times of change;
  • Provide clear direction, prioritize tasks, assign and delegate responsibility and monitor the workflow;
  • Create and promote an environment that values analytical thinking, new and innovative approaches;
  • Provide inspiration and guidance for individual members to do their best.



Job Requirements:

Academic Qualifications and Background

Master’s degree in Economics/Business Administration/International Development Management/Investment or any related qualification (Required)


1. Fluent in oral and written English language (Required);
2. Fluent in oral and written Arabic language (Strongly desired);
3. French language (Preferred).



Work Experience:
  • 5+ years of similar experience in similar roles in Multilateral Development Bank or Investment Bank;
  • 8+ years of managerial / supervisory experience;
  • Advanced knowledge in the field of development and a good knowledge of Islamic Finance field;
  • Analytics on performance of funds and reports;
  • Proven track record in sector Economic Empowerment and Poverty Reduction;
  • Sound knowledge of operations including, project cycle and project approval process of multilateral development banks;
  • Advanced knowledge in Result Based Logical Framework Development;
  • Ability to present ideas and mobilize support around them;
  • Proven track record of investment management in multi-asset classes;
Working Conditions: • Job will be based in IsDB’s headquarters in Jeddah, KSA
• Travel as needed

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