IDB2232 - Senior Investment Specialist

Business Unit: President Complex
Division: Not Applicable
Department: Economic Empowerment Department (EED)
Country: Saudi Arabia
Location: Saudi Arabia - Jeddah
Closing date: 27-May-2019

Role Purpose:

Under the leadership of the Lead Portfolio Manager for EEFPP, this role is to develop policies and guidelines governing the investment of EEFPP in Palestine;

  • To study and identify the investment opportunities, to execute transactions, operations and managing the portfolio of the programs and projects;
  • To promote projects that are sound beneficial economically, financially and commercially, and sustainable environmentally and socially, also to help partners improve project profitability and financial sustainability and provide technical assistance and advice on developing business modality;
The overall objectives of the job holder are to maximize the impact of EEFPP intervention and to contribute to the business industry development in Palestine of operation by executing innovative, developmental, and profitable investments for EEFPP.

Key Accountabilities:

General Responsibilities

  • Conduct field visits to Palestine to get a closer look at the business climate and to do due-diligence for the entities and projects that are nominated to invest in or with it, including the meeting with the members of the Board of Directors or Shareholders, the Executive Officials, the relevant governmental agencies and any individuals or entities related to the entities or projects which are expected to invest in;
  • To represent the Fund in the Entities' Boards of Directors or Steering Committees of the projects in which the Fund invests;
  • To propose innovative financial structures suits the investment transactions in the area of economic empowerment;
  • Follow-up on activities of the institutions, projects and programs that the Fund invests in, to ensure that they achieve the economic and social objectives set by the investment process;
  • Negotiate with the entities that the Fund will invest in, about details of the contractual terms to ensure the rights, and sustainability of the deal between the concerned parties;
  • Develop an important stock of viable investment opportunities;
  • Build and maintain strong relationships with global and regional private companies, banks, multilateral partners and government officials to further develop the Fund's activity and develop investment opportunities;
  • Prepare periodic reports (monthly, quarterly and annually) and submit them to the Fund Manager;
  • Support the Fund Manager in presenting the periodic reports to the Administration Committee and the Board of Shareholders;
  • Evaluate opportunities to increase the social development impact of the projects in the Fund's portfolio or expected ones.

Strategic & Operational Planning

  • Evaluate structure, negotiate, and close new transactions, portfolio restructuring, rescheduling, capital increases, etc.;
  • Develop a strong pipeline of good quality investment opportunities;
  • Develop innovative and appropriate financial structures for straightforward transactions;
  • Development of the (EEFPP) multi-year strategy for the investment in Economic Empowerment projects in Palestine;
  • Work with the Fund Team to Create and implement actionable investment short to medium term operational plans and budgets with operational KPIs;
  • Provide advice on EEFPP investment strategy to various stakeholders;
  • Ensure the integration of EEFPP investment plan into the overall EED investment and policy dialogue with various donors.

Policies, Processes & Procedures

  • Participate in the development of the Fund policy and regulations, legal and compliance procedures;
  • Participate in the development of relevant policies and procedures covering eligibility criteria for projects, beneficiaries, sectors etc.;
  • Define and document processes that involve cooperation with other IsDB departments and entities;
  • Provide clarification on investment policies to relevant stakeholders and technical advice to partners.

Business Development, Partnership and Networking

  • Build and maintain strong relationships with clients, global and regional private businesses, banking and multilateral partners and government officials to further develop the sector and to develop specific investment opportunities;
  • Coordinate closely with social, environmental, and technical assistance colleagues to add value to our clients' businesses, find pragmatic solutions to the specific sector challenges, and achieve sustainable development impact;
  • Build and develop productive inter-Divisional working relationships within IsDB Group and with external partners for joint working and knowledge sharing;
  • Participate in the promotional activities and business development initiatives (such as forums, roadshows and other promotional activities) to promote EEFPP for advocacy and resource mobilization;
  • Participate in strategic networking initiatives with, private and public-sector institutions, NGOs, high net-worth individuals, philanthropic organizations and individuals. 

Specific Operational Activities

  • Identify and evaluate opportunities to increase the social development impact of new or portfolio projects;
  • Participate in negotiations; use negotiation skills to overcome obstacles and finalize negotiations in straightforward transactions;
  • Works with senior staff to develop a strong pipeline of good quality investment opportunities;
  • Work with the Fund Team to ensure quality at entry of projects through ensuring a rigorous project preparation and through assisting in project identification;
  • Build and maintain deep knowledge and expertise and act as consultant in providing specific innovations and insight to critical aspects of investments;
  • Facilitate the capacity development on investment -related topics through the development of technical tools and training within EED.


Knowledge Sharing and Innovation

  • Develop publications, convene meetings, and undertake studies to promote best practices in investment;
  • Promote the culture of strategic thinking and management across the Palestinian territories;
  • Serve as a focal point and ‘resource center’ for activities related to investment with poor people;
  • Identify innovative mechanisms and new trends in investing with poor to Economic Empowerment of target beneficiaries. 

Reporting and Communication

  • Review results, working papers and present reports to the EEFPP Management;
  • Preparation of ad-hoc, flagship and periodic reports, and briefs as requested by the Management;
  • Communicate with officials in governments, financial institutions and other partners.

Job Requirements:

Academic qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree in Investment, Finance, Financial Engineering or any related qualification.
  • MSc Finance, MBA, or CFA is an advantage


• English (mandatory) 
• Arabic (preferred)
• French (preferred)

Minimum number of years and nature of experience

  • 7 - 10 years of relevant experience in Investment function and financial analysis, ideally within a Multilateral Development Bank, with at least 4 years’ experience in the field of investment development.
  • High skills in deal making, follow-up, networking and teamwork
  • Advanced knowledge of the structuring of Islamic Financings, Shari'a Regulations for transactions and good knowledge of microfinance
  • Good knowledge of the legal framework and the economic and social challenges in Palestine is a very important feature
  • Knowledge of relevant industry sector trends, experience in emerging markets a plus
  • Strong financial and credit skills; demonstrated ability to structure a variety of financial instruments (debt and equity)
  • Business development and client relationship skills. track record and ability to focus on clients’ needs effectively
  • Ability to interact directly and independently with the potential clients, of financial and technical partners as well as senior government officials
  • Strong inter-personal skills, ability to interact effectively with clients and colleagues from various cultural backgrounds
  • Highly motivated, committed to highest ethical standards
  • Genuine commitment to sustainable economic development
  • Experience of working with Economic Empowerment, Developmental Endowments and other projects in conflict areas.
  • Analytics on performance of funds and reports 

Job specific competencies

  • Adaptability
  • Building Relationships
  • Client Centricity and Responsiveness
  • Motivation to Learn and Share
  • Project management skills
  • Monitoring & Evaluation Skills
  • Highly organized, analytical skills
  • Problem-solving skills
  • People Management.
  • Passion for Excellence
  • Analytical Thinking
  • Communication Effectiveness
  • Drive for Results
  • Knowledge, Learning and Communication
  • Stakeholder Management/Client Orientation
  • Strategic Planning
  • Teamwork
  • Waqf Business Management
  • Fund Mobilization
  • Fund Management
  • Marketing and Public Relations
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Partnership management 


Jeddah, Saudi Arabia Headquarter