IDB2229 - Consultant, Data Governance

Business Unit: Country Programs Complex
Division: Not Applicable
Department: Not Applicable
Contract type: Consultants
Country: Saudi Arabia
Location: Saudi Arabia - Jeddah
Closing date: 10-Dec-2018
Job Role:

Recently, IsDB has undergone a major transformation in its business model with renewed focus on decentralization, business efficiency and effectiveness. Under this new model, operational data generation and ownership is now distributed between the headquarter and the 11 Regional Hubs. It is imperative then to have in place a robust data governance framework whereby a clear set of rules and regulations are adopted for any data-related matters especially those concerning with data confidentiality, availability, integrity and compliance.

While the Country Program Complex (CPC) is responsible for the overall operational data, other complexes also own certain aspects in the operation cycle, for example, finance complex will own disbursement and legal department owns certain legal agreement data. Given the complex structure of data flow across various process and function mandates having in place a clear data roles and accountability matrix where roles of data ownership, data entry, data validation, and data quality checking are clearly defined.

In order to address these data governance challenges, the Management has decided to hire a consultant to assist the Bank in setting up a proper data governance structure.


Key Accountabilities:

The consultant should produce a data management and Governance document specifying roles and responsibilities governing any data related to operational cycle at the Bank, especially in a decentralized environment. This includes the entire spectrum of data generated at the programming level, moving to data related to project creation, approval, implementation, and ending at project closure and post-evaluation. At each key stage, the document should clearly specify the data elements to be captured, and with each data element, following questions to be addressed:

  1. who owns the data;
  2. who enters the data;
  3. and in which system;
  4. who verifies the quality and integrity of data?
  5. In which views and reports this data is included.

The consultant should meet concerned staffs, departments, and committee members and review existing documents to understand current practice regarding data management at the Bank. Among others, following are some of the key role to be performed by the Consultant:

  1. Understand existing Business Process Management for Operation and Portfolio Management (BPM4OPM) covering business processes and seek the integration of data management within these processes.
  2. Understand the operation approval process at the CPC and define responsibility for data capturing.
  3. Key inputs of the Quality Assurance and Review Group (QRAG) and Operations Management Committee to understand the Quality review process key aspects of approval process to be captured in approval/clearance process.
  4. Project Financial Management Office to understand data matters related to project financing.
  5. Project Procurement Division to understand data matters related to project procurement.
  6. Disbursement Division to capture project disbursement related data.
  7. Operation Quality and Results Division to understand data items related to portfolio monitoring, implementation support, completion report data and capturing of lessons learned.
  8. Information Management and Disruptive Technology department to understand the data management within Operation Management System (OMS).
  9. Legal department to understand data points regarding legal agreements of the operations.

Based on the interaction with the above-mentioned stakeholders and review of data elements and responsibilities as per business process, the Consultant will develop a Project Data Governance Framework and Structure with roles and responsibilities for data entry, data quality assurance and data timeliness, keeping in view based on Decentralized role and functions.

Job Requirements:
  • Suitable technical qualification
  • At least 15 years work experience in an MDB.
  • Master’s Degree in the Social Sciences / Economics / MBA/ IT / or related fields.
  • Complemented with long-term work experience related to data governance and management discipline.
Duration of the Assignment:

The duration of the assignment to conclude the work of the consultant is 1 Month. 


Location: The work requires physical presence of the incumbent to be based at IsDB HQ in Jeddah.

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