IDB2227 - Senior Economic Empowerment and Islamic Microfinance Specialist

Business Unit: ISFD - Islamic Solidarity Fund for Development
Division: Not Applicable
Department: Not Applicable
Contract type: Regular Staff
Country: Saudi Arabia
Location: Saudi Arabia - Jeddah
Closing date: 06-Jan-2019
Role Purpose:

To Support ISFD establishing Economic Empowerment Funds, Programs and Projects in partnership with relevant Donors through following interventions:

  • Develop the ISFD Economic Empowerment Poverty Alleviation Program emphasis inthe “Pro-Poor Investment Partnership Approach” consisting of promoting access of poor and disadvantaged people and communities to: (1) Business Opportunities, (2) Entrepreneurship Skill Development, (3) Strategic Business Development & Investment Partners, (4) Conductive Business Environment, (5) Participatory Shariah Compliant financing services and (6) Promising Markets and Partnership.

  • Develop and Prepare the: (1)Strategic and Operational Plan for the Economic Empowerment activity within the ISFD, (2) Financial Projections of the ISFD Economic Empowerment Funds and Programs (3) Feasibility studies and the Financing Plans of the economic Empowerment Projects and (4) Periodic Reports on the economic and social impact and financial viability of ISFD Economic Empowerment Funds.

  • Develop Country, sector and administrative policies, new concepts, service areas and ensure quality portfolio management that provide access to Economic Empowerment Through Islamic microfinance for poverty alleviation projects in LDMCs areas. To serve as an authority ans consult others and knows the Bank’s stance on issues in Poverty Alleviation Access to Economic Empowerment, Islamic Microfinance and represents the ISFD at different for a in this respect.


Key Activities:

Strategic & Operational Planning

Contribute and supervise the formulation, launching and supervision of Economic Empowerment and Participatory finance projects, Programs and Funds comprising:

  • Technical Assistance Facilities for Capacity Building of Economic Empowerment Funds EEF), Islamic Microfinance Institutions (IsMF), Business Development Services Institutions (BDSI), Investment Promotion Funds (IPF), Micro & SMEs Financing Programs, Takaful and Micro- Takaful services etc…

  • Elaborate the Project Concept Design into ISFD/IDB Project Appraisal Document, complete with the Project Implementation Manual, Start-up Workshop Manual, implementation data collection, processing reporting and communication.

  • Conduct the start-up workshop and projects launching that will employ the above mentioned Technical Assistance Facility, Economic Empowerment, Micro, ans SMEs financing schemes, Takaful and Micro-Takaful.

  • Contribute in the dialogue process during preparation of ESW and MCPS by providing inputs for country specific ISFD Economic Empowerment Microfinance related issues.

  • Participate in development of the annual work program and budget of the division.

  • Contribute to the establishment and review of key performance indicators (KPIs) of the division.

  • Monitor the implementation of the ISFD Economic Empowerment projects.

  • Ensure financial products and services promoted by ISFD adhere to existing regulatory requirements and/or assist financial institutions to push for changes to the disadvantaged poor.

Input to Policy Development, Analysis and Dialogue

  • Make Significant contributions to developing and implementing country and sector strategy on Access to Finance in LDMCs.

  • Develop innovation methods to expand Economic Empowerment outreach to less poor and disadvantaged communities, including the use of technology applications and linkages to informal village savings and loan association.

  • Generate idea, conceptualize, design and implement major Economic Empowerment Projects highlighting policy issues and options and lead policy discussions with senior government officials.

  • Conduct market analysis, strategy and business planning – including identifying gaps in institutional knowledge, product development and related processes in banks and other financial institutions in Disadvantaged Areas.

  • Lead country sector dialogue and introduce best practices in managing sector projects and programs

  • Lead missions and oversee major projects resolving divergent views, interacting with clients at the policy level.

  • Provide advisory and Technical Services to peers and colleague, division and departments in Economic Empowerment and Islamic Microfinance and Access-for-all to Finance, investment partnership and market opportunities related issue.

  • Review and process operational documents, coordinating across discipline and project components with other team members.

  • Pramote successful/promising trends in developing disadvantaged markets, particularly and financing value chain development, agribusinesses and trade expansion.

  • promote client/beneficiary participation and commitment to ensure effective implementation and longer-term sustainability of project program.

  • Asess impact of new financial products, strategic partnership and pilot efforts.

Project and Portfolio Management

  • provide leadership and advisory support in all phases of Economic Empowerment and Islamic Microfinance Project especially pertaining, including problem solving on complex issues of implementation such as providing technical assistance to pro-poor investment start-ups

  • play a key role in ensuring the quality of portfolio performance management through project implementation, monitoring and assistance.

  • Carry out responsibilities for a variety of operational tasks (e.g. participating as a full member of a multi-disciplinary team) and undertaking assignments of project preparation, appraisal, supervision and ESW in field of expertise.

  • Develop programs and policies creating a suitable environment for MSMEs to flourish.

  • Develop disadvantaged groups /associations through providing technical assistance and advice on how to incubate and grow MSMEs.

Knowledge Sharing & Innovation

  • Keep current on the ISFD's stance on Innovation issues, and represent the ISFD at International forum.

  • Consult the clients and bank staff around the most complex Disadvantaged finance and agriculture concepts and Strategies and integrate this knowledge into other areas of the Bank's strategy and portfolio.

  • Create and share knowledge on accounting and financial reporting matters across the sector, Bank, and external audiences.

  • Work independently under general directions of unit manager and guides and mentors more junior staff.

  • Produce major/Complex reports, which require the successful coordination and integration of input from multi-disciplinary staff.

Reporting & Communication

  • Build and maintain strategic linkages with a wide range of stakeholders including government Ministries, departments and Agencies, Bank, microfinance and other private sector financial service providers; businesses providing services to these, and NGOs and other organisations contributing to agricultural and Disadvantaged financial sector development.

  • undertake market analysis, strategy and business planning - including identifying gaps in institutional knowledge, product development and related processes in banks and other Financial Institutions.

  • prepare briefing notes, case studies, annual benchmarking report, and other ad-hock reports on the status of projects portfolio at Country and Sector level.

  • collate and analyse data on microfinance sector projects/programs and provide recommendations.

  • communicate with IDB Governors' offices regarding missions and sector related issues.

Job Requirements:

Academic and Relevant Experience Requirements:

- Master's degree in Finance, Economics, or any related field.

- 9 years of experience




- English: Required

- Arabic: Required

- French: Preferred


Job Specific Technical  Skills and Necessary Knowledge

Technical Skills

-demonstrated expertise in international accounting and financial reporting standards, their development, application, analysis, and latest trends

-proven knowledge on economic empowerment and participatory finance product.

-Proven knowledge on Economic Empowerment, approach, services and program Concept Design, and operations field application.

- proven knowledge on Islamic microfinance products


Necessary Knowledge

- field experience in conceptualizing and managing director projects that program across 4-5 member countries, managing multidisciplinary teams and relevant sector specialty.

- Advanced understanding of development issues in developing country

- Trends in  Microfinance sector and their implications on IDB operation.


IDB HQ Office, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

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