Eligibility criteria

Prospective candidates for the YPP must fulfill the following minimum requirements:

  • Holds a Bachelor degree in development, education, economics, finance, accounting, business administration, engineering, information technology and law or any other specializations relevant to the work of the Bank from highly reputed Universities or international centers of excellence
  • Outstanding academic record. The indicators of high grades shall be based on education system of each country or region. The following grades from different education systems shall form a baseline for candidate’s eligibility for the YP program:
    1. GPA 3.5 on the scale of 4 or equivalent for any other system
    2. ‘A’ Grade according to regional systems following ABC grading
    3. ‘Excellent’ (ممتاز) in Arab, Russian or any other region’s system following such grading system
    4. Bien in French and Francophone systems
    5. 2nd Class Upper Honors in British system
  • Shall be a citizen of an IDB member country; applicants from Muslim communities of non-member countries may be admitted
  • Age not more than 32 years at the time of interviews. May be allowed to attend interviews if they are under the age requirement at the date of application
  • No working experience is required. However, experience shall be considered favourably
  • Applicants in the following categories shall be considered as Priority candidates subject to their meeting entry requirements:
    1. Professionals with experience in a field directly related to the IDB Group's activities particularly experience working in global organizations
    2. Under-represented nationalities from IDB member countries
    3. Master's degree or its equivalent or Ph.D
    4. Good command of Arabic or either English or French provided he/she is able to work in English

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