IDB2969 - Lead Economist

Business Unit: IRTI
Division: Not Applicable
Department: Not Applicable
Country: Saudi Arabia
Location: Saudi Arabia - Jeddah
Closing date: 23-Mar-2023

Role Purpose:

  • To conduct cutting-edge research and analysis to form the basis for policy advice and strategic partnerships with member
  • To lead Country Diagnostic Studies (CDS), which will form the basis of Member Countries Partnership Strategies (MCPSs).
    Identify binding constraints to economic growth and development facing member countries and critical sectors in member
    countries and provide recommendations to enhance the quality of interventions and relax binding constraints to
    macroeconomic growth/sectoral development.
  • Prepare papers on current global development issues for internal and/or external use as well as publish in high quality Journals in accordance with relevant IsDB's policies (e.g. Communication disclosure and intellectual property Rights)
  • To provide analytical insights of emerging trends, issues and challenges in the global development landscape to guide
    Management decision on appropriate responses to help member countries cope with these challenges. To apply economic
    and development analysis to improve the quality of operations especially relating to project design and implementation to
    improve quality at entry and quality of delivery.


Policy and Strategy Planning:

  • Contribute to the Economic Research and Statistics Division annual work plans, programs and activities.
  • Contribute to the development and implementation of strategies, policies,
    procedures and guidelines of the Islamic Development Bank Institute.
  • Contribute to the development and effective implementation of the relevant
    framework and tools for the Research Work under the Economic Research
    and Statistics programs of the IsDB Institute.
  • Contribute to the determination and development of the MCPS, its process
    and delivery for IsDBG.

Economic Research & Analysis:

  • Keep abreast of best practices and latest developments involving other
    Multilateral Development Banks (MDBs) and apply best practices to improve
    the quality of research and analysis.
  • Oversee and undertake economic research, country diagnostic studies, and
    sector analysis to guide strategic engagements with member countries and formulate appropriate interventions.
  • Undertake gap analysis of the IsDB Group activities/ initiatives to identify
    areas for improvement.
  • Coordinate the effective use of data for quality analysis of member countries
    and generate insights on social and economic development challenges.
  • In collaboration with economists in the regional hub, ensure proper and
    regular update of the economic and development situation of member
  • Identify key challenges and opportunities to enhance economic, trade and
    financial cooperation at OIC level.
  • Review the work of Senior Economists and provide guidance on improving
    the quality of research and analysis.

Knowledge Sharing and Dissemination:

  • Coordinate with relevant IsDB Business Units as well as other MDBs in
    sharing and disseminating research findings.
  • Collaborate with the IsDB Group, other MDBs and stakeholders to generate
    operationally relevant knowledge and new insights to enhance quality at
    entry and quality of delivery.
  • Coordinate with other MDBs and research institutions to leverage
    knowledge creation, dissemination and application.
  • Represent IsDB at high level international events on knowledge sharing and
    dissemination of relevant economic research, global development and other
    areas of interest to the IsDB.
  • Contribute to the knowledge transfer of the Division programs to other
    employees within IsDB Group and externally to regional hubs to ensure


  • Prepare regular internal status reports of all activities in the unit and
    highlight any concern areas and success stories.
  • Prepare reports for external use.
  • Manage with other stakeholders to present the reports and publication
    related to the performance of Division programs.
  • Establish a robust system for gaining feedback from various internal and
    external stakeholders on the operations of the Division.

Academic and Professional Qualifications::

  • Bachelor degree in Economics or related fields.
  • Minimum 10 years of experience in advanced economic
    analysis focusing on economic and developmental issues
  • 3 years is in an international development institution.
  • Minimum 3 years of experience in leadership or supervisory role.

Skills & Necessary Knowledge:

  • Advanced research methodology.
  • Statistical techniques.
  • Advanced knowledge of development issues.
  • Problem solving skills.
  • Advanced diagnostics techniques.
  • Advanced analytical thinking.
  • Accurate and methodical.
  • Ability to work under pressure.
  • MS Office skills.
  • Advanced knowledge of statistical and data analysis software.


20% or more, depending on the need.