IDB2491 - Senior Information Management Specialist

Business Unit: Administration Complex
Division: Not Applicable
Department: Information Management and Disruptive Technology Department
Country: Saudi Arabia
Location: Saudi Arabia - Jeddah
Closing date: 06-Oct-2020


To develop and articulate the information management strategy and framework based on business strategy; ensure that the appropriate framework, standards, tools and technologies are implemented and maintained; guide IsDB information governance activities; and plan and apply processes, policies and projects to capture, control, protect and deliver the value of both data and information as an organizational asset.


    • Participate in establishing the information management and information governance programs across the organization, raise awareness through conducting meetings (such as committees and working groups) to support IsDB departments understand and execute information management and information governance responsibilities, and ensure information management frameworks, policies, processes, and procedures are defined and implemented across the organization, and to ensure accuracy, integrity and consistency of IsDB information.
    • Coordinate and oversee the implementation of the information plan, architecture, and metamodels and all related changes to ensure data and information governance.
    • Define business-related data quality rules, perform measurements and set performance targets to maintain the quality of the data collected and stored by applying validation processes (adherence with acceptability, reports, logs and tracks issues), and document the processes for improvement purposes.
    • Advise the business, and the IT Governance Manager during execution of any data compliance initiative, on compliance with international and country/region-specific data protection laws, monitor the adherence to the defined policies and standards, assist in defining corrective actions, and act as a point of contact with supervisory authorities on data subjects to ensure implemented information initiatives and corrective actions are properly governed.
    • Support the Enterprise Architecture function in the analysis, evaluation and development of long-term strategic and operating plans to ensure that information and data governance objectives are consistent with IsDB’s long-term business objectives.
    • Collaborate with the Business Relationship & Demand Management team to gather data requirements and incorporate data validation and data quality inspection and reporting into application/systems software development life cycle, and analyze business requirements and ensure having these translated into implications for information provisioning.
    • Oversee the implementation of processes, techniques and technologies for organizing data and information.
    • Define principles and standards for the creation, maintenance, use and disposal of ISDB information assets to govern information lifecycle.
    • Contribute to overseeing information management projects delivery and execution in adherence with information management and governance principles
    • Manage the development and oversee the implementation of IMDT processes, policies and procedures covering all areas of IMDT activities so that all relevant procedural requirements are fulfilled while delivering IT quality services and ensure related proper maintenance and documentation.
    • Manage the definition of IMDT processes, policies and procedures to ensure that IMDT staff do their tasks in an organized way and having the proper references to fulfill their tasks. 
    • Drive data and information management culture across IsDB and conduct awareness initiatives within IMDT, business functions and Regional Hubs about information management to enhance data quality and information governance.


    Academic Qualifications:

    • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, management Information Technology, Engineering or similar field


    • Minimum 8 years of experience in IT environment with minimum of 3 years’ experience leading an information management function


    • English - Required 

    • French - Preferred

    • Arabic - Preferred 


    Jeddah, Saudi Arabia